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Game 58: HE! WENT!!



  • LASIK needed: Paul Schrieber is apparently as blind as Bill Hohn, missing another check-swing strike three that extends an at bat into a two-run homer on the next pitch (-35.5%)
  • Not good pitching: Matt Capps (-80.1%) had another (umpire-assited) bad outing, but Miguel Batista (-31.3%) gets his share of g0at points for a run of singles and walks that results in a tie-breaking RBI single (-35.9%)
  • Unrewarded goodness: Craig Stammen (+31.4%) picks up his umpteenth no-decision with a 6.2 inning, 1-run start.
  • Unexpected clutch: Mike Morse (+45.9%) comes through big in the 9th with a game-tying, two-RBI double (+45.9%)