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Game 59: Believe the hype



  • MOAR KAYZ!! Stephen Strasburg (+17.1%) strikes out 14, walks none, and gives up 2 ER in 7 IP.
  • DINGERZ!! Adam Dunn (+31.9%), Ryan Zimmerman (+14.7%) and Josh Willingham (+5.4%) all go yard, racking up all of the Nationals' RBI with the long ball (the run-scoring Ivan Rodriguez GDP was technically not an RBI... glad to have you back, Pudge, now stop making so many outs).
  • Just a flesh wound: Stras gives up a two-run bomb to put the Nats behind in his one "struggling" inning (-21.3%).
  • No challenge: Dunn0r yanks his own two-run shot to the upper deck in RF to put the Nats ahead for good (+26.8%).