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Nationals News: This Post is Dedicated to Stephen Strasburg

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  Before we move on, I think we should take a step back and revel in the amount of national media attention is being given the Nationals, thanks to Stephen Strasburg. Here is an incomplete list of outlets running a story on Strasburg's debut: the Wisconsin State Journal, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the front page of Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Big League Stew, the Baltimore Sun, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, ESPN, the sheer number of articles about Strasburg on,, St. Louis Today, the Arizona Daily Sun, the Associated PressMSNBCNew York Daily News, NPR (which somehow managed to write more about his use of dip than his performance), USA Today, Time, the Winnipeg Free Press, Xinhua, the Times Colonist, the Boston Herald... I could keep going, but Google News lists 2,412 articles on Stephen Strasburg. We could be here all day. For a team so unfamiliar with national coverage, this is incredible.

  But Strasburg is deserving of this press: no pitcher in the history of baseball has struck out more than 10 while not walking a single batter (in a debut).

  Oh, and Teddy didn't win last night. Seriously guys, the Teddy gimmick is so tired... put it to bed.

  Next time you're hungry for 14 strikeouts, why not has a Strasburger?

  After all that talk, I'm sure you're dying to know that Strasburg, VA will not be renamed Stephen Strasburg, VA.

  Stan Kasten has confirmed that Jordan Zimmermann will be back this year.

  Bryce Harper is going to leave the negotiating to Scott Boras.

  Strasburg's college coach, Tony Gwynn, says that the kid has "it".