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Game 80: Seen THIS before?



  • Walkoff: Ryan Zimmerman (+3.8%) has hit plenty of walkoffs before, but a game-winning sac fly versus five infielders and two outfielders (+16.3%) is a new one for me.
  • Familiar? Livan Hernandez (+28.1%) is at his crafty best, going 7 IP with only 1 ER and 7Ks plus no walks! Drew Storen (+11.2%) and Matt Capps (+14.7%) each contribute a K in their respective scoreless innings of relief with only one baserunner between them--hardly "interesting." 
  • Against LEFTIES?! Nyjer Morgan (+14.5%) goes 2-5 with a critical two-out RBI single to tie the game in the 7th (+19.4%) and no baserunning errors.
  • Who will platoon with Plush now? Mike Michael Morse (-12.7%) is 0-3 with 3 LOB.