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Washington Nationals: Stephen Strasburg Postgame Interview.

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• Falling Behind Early And Recovering?

Stephen Strasburg: "Typically, you know, those first few hitters, [you're] trying to feel things out, and get a feel for your pitches. [Andres] Torres put a good swing on it, I fell behind, but it happens. When you've got guys going out there and swinging early at your fastball they're going to run into it every now and then and you've just gotta make adjustments."

• After the first, did you decide to go with all off-speed stuff? 

Stephen Strasburg: "It's all about making adjustments out there. You've gotta go out there and you've got to read the swings and the last few games they've been sitting on fastballs away and if they're going to continue to do that, then they better get ready to back off the plate and they better get ready for some stuff up there to keep them off-balance." 

• How does it feel to get a win?

Stephen Strasburg: "It's great. Always good to win." 

• What was it like working with Wil Nieves? 

Stephen Strasburg: "Wil's a great defensive catcher, and obviously swung the bat today too, came up big for us. He's really good at blocking the ball, really good at receiving and everything and we got on the same page and were really working well together." 

• High fastball, when it's on is it unhittable? 

Stephen Strasburg: "Any pitch is hittable, but it's all about the sequences and stuff and that's what we're really trying to work on. I think today was really the first time where I really went out there and wanted to go out and call my own game and really do what I wanted to throw in whatever count. I learned a lot tonight. It's part of the process of becoming a premiere major league pitcher. You've got to be able to recognize what a hitter's trying to do against you and get them out."

• Do you feel like you haven't thrown inside enough so far? 

Stephen Strasburg: "Obviously you don't want the hitter to shrink the plate cause it's a lot harder to pitch, so it's for different teams. I got away with it early on and guys started squaring me up a little bit more, you've got to command both sides of the plate." 

• Working with a lead? 

Stephen Strasburg: "It was great. It's a lot easier going out there and pitching with the lead. With the way we were swinging the bats these past few games, you've just gotta go out there and keep the team in the ballgame and we gave up that run in the first but we were able to shut it down after that, played some good defense and it was only a matter of time before we got the game." 

• What's it like watching Adam Dunn right now? 

Stephen Strasburg: "It's pretty special right now. I haven't seen, in my baseball career, a guy where the last few games he's hit the HR's like he has and in big situations, and things like that come easy to him."

• What were you feeling emotionally after the leadoff HR?

Stephen Strasburg: "After [the first inning HR], I was like, you know what, bottom line, if they're going to beat me, they're going to beat me on me calling my own game. And I was just putting it all on my shoulders and I have to do that from now on."

• Is [calling your own game] something you've wanted to do before tonight? 

Stephen Strasburg: "Yeah, because you've got to go out there and you've got to have a game plan, you can't worry about not executing your pitches because you're a little unsure if that's the right one to throw, so it's part of the learning process. In college, I didn't really have any say in what pitchers were thrown, it was all by the coach, so it's one thing that I've lacked in my game is the ability to learn as the game went on and really think out there, I was just throwing whatever they called and now I'm starting to figure things out." 

• Do you feel like you'd gotten away from throwing the pitches you wanted to throw?

Stephen Strasburg: "Yeah, a little bit. Talking to [Pitching Coach Steve McCatty] and I talked to my old pitching coach too, and just really wanted to go back to what defines me as a pitcher, and you guys can make that definition yourselves, but I know how I want to attack guys in my head and I'm going to do that from now on."

• What's your definition [of yourself as a pitcher]?

Stephen Strasburg: "I'm going to keep that to myself."

• You've got the first start after the break, is that easier for you and your routine? 

Stephen Strasburg: "I don't think about that stuff too much. When they say what day I have to go pitch, I'm going to go out there and give everything I've got and whether it's tomorrow, I don't think they're going to have me pitch tomorrow, but if it came down to that I'd be ready to go, it doesn't matter how long a rest I got." 

• When you struck out Andres Torres in the third, did you say something to him? 

Stephen Strasburg: "No."

• Something to Wil Nieves?

Stephen Strasburg: "No." 

• Have you noticed the hype dying down a little bit, do you get the sense that it's not as crazy as it was a few weeks ago.

Stephen Strasburg: "I don't know, man. I'm just here, we're talking about the game right now, it was a great win for us. It was big for us to win game one, and we're just going to go out there and try to win tomorrow."