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Washington Nationals Lose 10-5 To San Francisco Giants, Then Get Bad News.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. No First Inning Runs!!! The Washington Nationals get a scoreless first inning for the first time in 10 games. The nine-straight games with first inning runs was already, however, a franchise record. Nats' right-hander Craig Stammen breaks the streak, even though he gives up a leadoff single to Aaron Rowand. Freddy Sanchez grounds into a 1-6-3 DP and Aubrey Huff grounds out to Cristian Guzman at second...and this time the Nats strike first with Justin Maxwell taking a leadoff walk, stealing second and scoring after Guzman walks and Ryan Zimmerman lines an RBI double to left, 1-0 Nats when Maxwell crosses. Guzman at third, Zimmerman at second, and a wild pitch from Jonathan Sanchez lets Guzman in, 2-0 Nats after one. 

4. Give It Right Back: Craig Stammen gives up a leadoff single, but gets another double play grounder to the mound in the second. Two down. Travis Ishikawa singles through short with two down. Two-out walk to Pablo Sandoval. Nate Schierholtz rips a 3-1 pitch to right for an RBI double. Stammen goes to a full count with the opposing pitcher and gives up a two-run double to center on a fastball knee high and outside. 3-2 Giants, all with two outs.

• Any Idea Why Stammen Often Surrenders Leads? 

Jim Riggleman: "No. Other than that it's happened. [Pitch Coach] Steve McCatty's been on that from day one and he's made that very clear, that that's just, however you do it, you've got to put a zero up there after your ballclub scores, but Stammen gives you everything he's got out there, he's a great competitor, after a very tough inning, he then settled down, did a good job, got us in a position to win the ballgame. They got him in the sixth inning, they started the rally, and [Sean] Burnett kept it in tow, he gave us a chance, Burnett did a good job there, but the runs we didn't get, the hit and run that didn't work, all those things, they came back to bite us."

3. Michael Morse, Well Whatta Ya Know!!!: The Giants take a 3-2 lead in the top of the second. Nats' right fielder Michael Morse leads off the Nats' second and ties it with one swing!!! Jonathan Sanchez tries to sneak a 2-2 curve by the big right-hander outside and gets too much plate, Morse launches it to right and out!! 3-3 game. The Nats take the lead in the fourth. Josh Willingham beats out an infield single to third that Pablo Sandoval barehands and throws late to first. Pudge Rodriguez drills a line drive deep enough to left that the Hammer scores from first, 4-3 Nats. Craig Stammen continues to crush the ball at plate, doubling over the left field wall on one hop to score Pudge from third, 5-3 Nats...but the Giants cut the lead in half in the sixth. Stammen gives up a leadoff walk to Aubrey Huff, who takes third on Buster Posey's double and scores on a sac fly by Juan Uribe. 5-4 Nationals after six.

2. PEACHES!!! After striking out Pat Burrell with a full-count fastball, Tyler Clippard goes to a full count with Aaron Rowand and throws a belt-high change outside that Rowand destroys, putting it out to left in a hurry to tie the game at 5-5. Freddy Sanchez walks. Aubrey Huff walks. Clippard's left in. Buster Posey shoots a single through second, one run scores, 6-5 Giants. Juan Uribe lines to right-center and into the gap, two runs score, 8-5 Giants. 10-5 on a Buster Posey HR in the top of the ninth. Nats lose, 10-5 final...but that's not the worst news of the night...

1. Jesus Flores....Shut Down: In an interview with Nats' season ticket holders Saturday afternoon, DC GM Mike Rizzo told a crowd which had gathered for a Q&A with the general manager that Flores, "...just got an appointment with Dr. Andrews, and Dr. Andrews cleared him once again to begin a throwing program and so we're more or less starting from square one, where he's pain free right now and beginning his throwing program. We're optimistic that we're going to get him back some time this season, some time soon after the All-Star break if everything continues to fall right...," but that's just the beginning of another attempt at working his way back apparently. Mr. Rizzo made an appearance on MASN's broadcast of the Nats/Giants game where he reported, as's Ben Goessling wrote in an article entitled, "Flores shut down again, Rizzo says", that, "... [Flores] has been shut down from his throwing program again in Viera, Fla," and at least in Mr. Goessling's estimation, "... my guess is they won't see him in the majors this year." Is Jesus Flores done as a Washington National? Doesn't look good?

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching: 

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1 grizzy - 90
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9 Doncosmic - 28
10 Expos4 - 25


• Final Score: Giants 10, Nationals 5. 

Nationals now 39-49. 


1 - Giants' center fielder Aaron Rowand lines an 0-2 pitch into left for a leadoff single off Nats' right-hander Craig Stammen. Freddy Sanchez grounds back to the mound, Stammen to Ian Desmond to Adam Dunn, double play. Aubrey Huff grounds to second and Cristian Guzman throws him out...Justin Maxwell takes a full-count pitch for ball four and steals second on the first pitch after the leadoff walk. Cristian Guzman walks to put two on for Ryan Zimmerman. Giants' lefty Jonathan Sanchez is in trouble early, Zimmerman rips a line drive to right and fair!! Maxwell scores from second, Guzman to third, RBI double for Ryan Zimmerman. 1-0 Nats. Adam Dunn K's looking at a low outside "strike". Sanchez unleashes a wild pitch that allows Guzman to score from third, 2-0 Nats. Josh Willingham up with Zimmerman on third. One down. Willingham's called out on strikes. Ivan Rodriguez grounds out to short to end the first. 2-0 Nats. 

2 - Giants' backstop Buster Posey rips a single back up the middle just out of Ian Desmond's reach, but Craig Stammen gets another DP grounder from Juan Uribe back to the mound, Stammen throws high to Guzman who goes up to get it, steps on the bag and throws to first, in time, double play!! Travis Ishikawa singles through short for a two-out single. Stammen walks Pablo Sandoval. Two on, two out. San Francisco right fielder Nate Schierholtz lines to right and it falls in, Ishikawa scores to get the Giants on the board, 2-1 Nats, and Stammen gives up a two-run double to Jonathan Sanchez to put the Giants up 3-2. Aaron Rowand K's looking to end the Giants' second....Michael Morse gets hold of a 2-2 fastball and sends it out over the out-of-town scoreboard in right!!! It's a tie game again!!!! Morse' 4th, 3-3 ballgame. Ian Desmond grounds out to short, one down. Craig Stammen K's swinging. Justin Maxwell does too.

3 - Freddy Sanchez K's swinging at a ball in the dirt and has to run it out. Aubrey Huff chops down on a sinker and rolls it out to Guzman at second. Two outs. Buster Posey grounds to Guzman at second for a scoreless third by Stammen...Cristian Guzman lines sharply to left. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to his counterpart at third. Adam Dunn K's swinging to end the third.

4 - Juan Uribe pops out to second. One down. Travis Ishikawa lines out to Justin Maxwell in center, two down. Pablo Sandoval grounds out to Adam Dunn to end another quick frame for Stammen...Josh Willingham beats a weak grounder to third in spite of a nice barehanded play and throw by Sandoval. Ivan Rodriguez lines a double to left that gets by Aubrey Huff, Hammer scores, 4-3 Nats. Michael Morse K's looking. Ian Desmond flies deep enough to center for Willingham to take third. Craig Stammen scores him, ground-rule double over Huff's head in left, 5-3 Nationals in the fourth. Sanchez is done. Joe Martinez on in relief. Justin Maxwell up, Stammen picked off second. 

5 - Cristian Guzman throws out Nate Schierholtz on a grounder to second. Giants' reliever Joe Martinez grounds out to Ian Desmond at short. Aaron Rowand gets hit in the unmentionables. Freddy Sanchez flies out to right to end the Giants' fifth...Justin Maxwelll flies out to center, Rowand with the catch, one down. Cristian Guzman pops out foul of third. Ryan Zimmerman rips a liner to right and down the line, two-out double. Adam Dunn gets the intentionals. Josh Willingham reaches on a grounder to short that Juan Uribe bobbles. Bases loaded for Pudge. Pudge grounds to third, Sandoval to second to end the inning. 

6 - Aubrey Huff takes a leadoff walk in the sixth. Buster Posey sends Huff first to third with a double off the base of the wall in left. Juan Uribe hits a line drive to left for a sac fly and a 5-4 game. Craig Stammen's done. Sean Burnett comes on to face Travis Ishikawa. Broken bat grounder to second. Two down. Posey takes third. Burnett vs Sandoval. Two-out walk. Nate Schierholtz goes down swinging...Mike Morse doubles to left and off the wall. Leadoff double in front of Desmond. Roger Bernadina's on to run for Morse. Ian Desmond drops a bunt right in front of home. Buster Posey pops up and throws to first to get the lead runner. Willie Harris up, Ian Desmond steals second. Willie Harris walks with two down and that's all for Joe Martinez. Santiago Casilla on in relief. Double steal attempt, Buster Posey nails Desmond going for second. Two down. Justin Maxwell grounds to out to end the sixth. 5-4 Nats.

7 - Pat Burrell vs Tyler Clippard. Swinging K on a full-count fastball inside. Aaron Rowand gets a full-count pitch he likes and takes it deeeep to left and gone, 5-5 game in the seventh. Freddy Sanchez takes a one-out walk. Aubrey Huff takes the second-straight walk. Buster Posey singles to right to score Rowand. 6-5 Giants. Clippard's done. Doug Slaten vs Juan Uribe. Two-run double to the right-center gap, 8-5 Giants. Travis Ishikawa goes down swinging. Pablo Sandoval gets the intentionals. Nate Schierholtz K's swinging to end the Giants' seventh...Cristian Guzman pops out to Juan Uribe behind short. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to the deeepest part of the park. Adam Dunn K's swinging to end the seventh.

8 - Joel Peralta fields and throws to first on a groundout by Edgar Renteria. Aaron Rowand chases a fastball upstairs for a swinging strike. Freddy Sanchez flies out to right to end the Giants' eighth...Josh Willingham grounds out to third. Pudge Rodriguez grounds out to short. Roger Bernadina lines out to center to end the eighth. Scoreless f rame for Giants' right-hander Sergio Romo

9 - Aubrey Huff starts the ninth with a single to center. Miguel Batista gives up a two-run blast to Buster Posey that clears the high wall in right and goes over the out-of-town scoreboard for a 10-5 Giants' lead. Juan Uribe K's swinging for the first out. Travis Ishikawa walks with one down...Jeremy Affeldt on for the Giants. Ian Desmond grounds out to second. Alberto Gonzalez grounds out to second. Justin Maxwell grounds out to third to end the game.