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Game 89: Second most LOB of the season



  • Not fooling anyone: Livan Hernandez (-24.6%) walks two and strikes out 4 in 5 IP, but gives up 5 ER, including both walked runners and a two-run double (-11.9%) that Nyjer Morgan misplays off the wall into a triple.
  • Rally killaz: Mike Morse (-19.6%) hits into an inning-ending, bases-loaded GDP (-11.7%), while Josh Willingham (-7.3%) and Ivan Rodriguez (-4.3%) strike out (-10.4%) and fly out (-10.2%), respectively, with the bases loaded to squelch a 7th-inning comeback.
  • Doing the job: Adam Dunn (+10.4%) is 3-5, including a comical, bases-loaded infield single that caroms off the pitcher for an RBI (+10.1%).
  • Steady: Doug Slaten (+1.9%) throws 2 scoreless in relief with a strike out.