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The New York Mets Must Hate Willie Harris!! Washington Nationals Win 2-1 On Sac Fly In 9th!!

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. Mr. National Makes Them Wait: The New York Mets' announcers are always amused by the way Livan Hernandez approaches the start of a game in which he pitches, slowly taking his time getting ready and setting the mood and pace for the evening with the deliberate and practiced routine which precedes the moment he finally takes the mound. Livan will pitch when he is ready. Television audiences, the radio and tv announcers, beat writers and fans in the park...they all can wait until Mr. National Himself is ready to pitch and then and only then does the veteran right-hander start to throw. Tonight, Hernandez gives up a leadoff hit to NY center fielder Jesus Feliciano, who scores two outs later on Ike Davis' soft line drive to right, 1-0 Mets after a half. 

4. LD LOB: Ian Desmond finally gets the bat going, doubling to left center off Johan Santana and off the wall at the far corner of the left field bullpen, but back into play. Desmond's safe at second. Desmond's first extra base hit in 10 games (29 at bats). Wil Nieves gets a grounder to the right side to advance Desmond. Livan Hernandez K's swinging at a high fastball, Nyjer Morgan flies out to left, Desmond's stranded...1-0 Mets through 6.0...

3. 7 K's, 0 BB!!! Livan Hernandez strikes out the first two batters of the seventh: Alex Cora, who K's looking at a two-seamer inside, and Johan Santana who takes a big swing and whiffs on a 63mph curve for the second out and Livan's 7th K of the game, two more than he's recorded in any other start this season and tied for the most K's Livan's collected since he had 8 in a May 22, 2007 start for the D-Backs. Jesus Feliciano grounds out to second and the Nationals' starter retires the Mets in order to end the frame. Still 1-0 Mets. Livan's done.

• Livan's Line: 7.0 IP, 7 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K's, 107 pitches, 68 strikes, 9 groundouts, 1 flyout. 

2. NMIMH AGAIN!!! Ian Desmond's on to start another inning with a leadoff single in the Nats' seventh, and Desmond moves to second on Wil Nieves' sac bunt and third on a wild pitch by Johan Santana with two down and Nyjer Morgan at bat. Morgan fouls off a 2-2 slider from Johan Santana to stay alive and then shoots a low liner through short to score Desmond from third and tie the game at 1-1. 

1. TAWH TAWWO!!!: Nats' right-hander Drew Storen throws a scoreless eighth on 9 pitches, and Matt Capps gives up a single in the ninth but retires the side to set the Nats up for the walk-off winner. Wil Nieves' groundout starts the Nationals' ninth. Willie Harris takes a full-count fastball from Pedro Feliciano for ball four and a one-out walk. Nyjer Morgan pushes a bunt single by the Mets' pitcher and beats the late toss to first. Two on, one out. 1-1 game. Cristian Guzman lines a 2-0 pitch to left and the bases are loaded for Ryan Zimmerman. 2-0 fastball, fly ball to right. Jeff Francoeur catches and throws, but no chance, Willie Harris tags and scores, 2-1 Nats final. 

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

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10 John Quinn - 20


• Final Score: Nats 2, Mets 1.

Nationals now 35-45. 


1 - Jesus Feliciano starts the game with a single to center off Nats' right-hander Livan Hernandez. Ruben Tejada bunts back to Livan for a sacrifice that moves Feliciano up. Livan Hernandez goes to a full count with David Wright and gets the Mets' third baseman swinging at a slow curve upstairs and outside. Ike Davis lifts a soft liner over second for a bloop single and RBI, 1-0 Mets. Another full-count curve gets Jeff Francoeur swinging to end the top of the frame...Mets' lefty Johan Santana buries a slider outside to get Nyjer Morgan swinging. Cristian Guzman pops out to second. Ryan Zimmerman lines to right for a two-out double. Adam Dunn flies to Francoeur in right to end the first. 

2 - Chris Carter K's looking for the first out of the second. Henry Blanco lines a single over third. Alex Cora lines to center for the second-straight single off Livan. Johan Santana gets a sac bunt down to move both runners up. Jesus Feliciano flies out to Willingham to end the Mets' second...Josh Willingham K's swinging at a two-strike change from Santana. Michael Morse pops out down the right field line where Francoeur makes a running underhand catch. Ian Desmond flies out to center, still 1-0 Mets.

3 - Ruben Tejada flies to center, Nyjer Morgan makes the grab. Morgan turns the wrong way on a fly into the sun by David Wright, but makes the grab on his hip as he falls. Ike Davis rolls the third out to Guzman at second...Johan Santana walks Wil Nieves and Livan Hernandez's bunt puts the runner on second. Nyjer Morgan goes down looking and has a talk with the ump about the call. Cristian Guzman flies out to Feliciano in center and it's 1-0 Mets after three. 

4 - Jeff Francoeur grounds out to Guzman at second, one down. Chris Carter lines sharply to right, but Michael Morse gets to it. Henry Blanco rolls a single up the middle for a two-out hit. Alex Cora swings through a fastball upstairs...1-0 Mets in the fourth...Ryan Zimmerman grounds to Ruben Tejada for the first out of the fourth. Adam Dunn K's chasing a slider outside and low. Josh Willingham lines the Nats' second hit of the game to left with two down. Michael Morse hits an excuse-me grounder to first, Ike Davis fields and tags Morse. 

5 - Johan Santana K's swinging to start Nats' fifth. Jesus Feliciano lines to right field for a one-out single. Ruben Tejada lines out to Ian Desmond, two down. David Wright grounds to Guzman at second, toss to Desmond, still 1-0 Mets...Ian Desmond doubles to deeep left center and off the padded wall to lead off the Nats' fifth. Wil Nieves' grounder to first moves Desmond to third. Livan Hernandez K's swinging through a high fastball. Nyjer Morgan's flyout to left ends the inning. 

6 - Ike Davis grounds to second, Cristian Guzman makes a diving play and throw. Ian Desmond makes a strong throw to first to get Jeff Francoeur on a grounder to short. Chris Carter throws his bat at a change and drops a single into short left with two down. Henry Blanco grounds to Desmond at short, toss to Guzman, 1-0 in the sixth...Cristian Guzman lines to left field for a leadoff single in the sixth. Ryan Zimmerman goes the other way again, but Francoeur catches this one. Adam Dunn walks in front of the Hammer. Josh Willingham takes a fastball for a called strike three at the knees inside. Michael Morse flies to center to end the sixth. 

7 - Livan Hernandez vs Alex Cora. Two-strike two-seamer inside breaks back in for a called strike three. Livan drops a 63mph bender on Johan Santana for a swinging K. Jesus Feliciano grounds to second and Guzman's throw ends the top of the frame...Ian Desmond singles through second to start the Nats' seventh. Wil Nieves' sac bunt moves Desmond to second. Alberto Gonzalez hits for Livan Hernandez or more accurately K's swinging at a change. Desmond takes third on a wild pitch by Santana. Nyjer Morgan shoots a low liner through short to score Desmond!!! 1-1 game. Cristian Guzman flies out to center to end the seventh. 

8 - Drew Storen vs Ruben Tejada in the eighth. 3-pitch K with a slider outside to put Tejada away. David Wright flies out to Morgan in center. Ike Davis grounds the first pitch to short, Desmond throws to first, 1-1 in the eighth...Elmer Dessens takes over for NY. Ryan Zimmerman flies to left on the first pitch he sees. Adam Dunn goes the other way to beat the shift. One-out double for the Dunner. Josh Willingham walks to put two on for Roger Bernadina, who'll face Pedro Feliciano. Bernadina grounds into a force at second. Ian Desmond grounds to third, Wright takes the force at second. 

9 - Jeff Francoeur vs Matt Capps to start the ninth. Fastball upstairs for a swinging K. One down. Angel Pagan grounds back to Capps. Jason Bay rips a grounder through the middle of the infield under a diving Desmond. Alex Cora grounds to second, Guzman throws to first...Wil Nieves grounds out weakly to Ruben Tejada at short. Willie Harris walks with one down. Nyjer Morgan gets a bunt down and by Feliciano for a single. Harris to second. Cristian Guzman lines to left and it drops in front of Jesus Feliciano. Pedro Feliciano replaced by Ryota Igarashi. Ryan Zimmerman flies to right, Francoeur catches and throws, too late, Willie Harris tags and scores!! 2-1 Nats win.