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Nationals News: Welcome Back, Nyjer!

  According to The Nationals Enquirer's unofficial count, yesterday was the first time this year Nyjer Morgan earned the rights to wear the Silver Fox. He also called Johnny Holliday "Disco," which is pretty funny.

  Jim Riggleman hopes that the team is able to put together enough wins that Mike Rizzo won't feel the need to break up the club for longer-term pieces.

  Mark Zuckerman breaks down the Nats' 9th inning rally last night to seal the victory. Worth reading, particularly if you missed the game.

  Mike MacDougal is now a free agent after he opted out of his minor league contract because the Nationals didn't have room for him in the Majors.

  The Saturday game against the Mets was picked up by Fox, and features Stephen Strasburg against R.A. Dickey, a knuckleballer. It promises to be a great game.

  Willie Harris' 9th inning at-bat "was tremendous," according to Riggleman. I have to admit, I had written him off as an out when I saw him coming to the dish.

  The Phillies have not contacted the Nats about Adam Kennedy, despite rumored interest after Chase Utley was injured.

  Riggleman doesn't put too much stock in month-to-month stats, "but June is over."

  Carlos Maldonado was reinstated from the DL and was optioned to AAA Syracuse. He batted .273 in four games with the Nats.