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Game 94: Game much closer than blown third-strike call

(Last night's game report Rally in the Rain here)



  • Enjoy Syracuse: Luis Atilano (-29.7%) gets bombed for 5 ER in 4 IP.
  • Who wants to play? Nyjer Morgan (+7.7%) goes 2-3 with a double and the first Nationals RBI of the game, leading the team in WPA for the night.
  • Rookie rally: The two biggest Nats plays came with two outs in the 6th on a Mike MIchael Morse (+6.1) three-run triple (+13.2%), followed by Ian Desmond's (-0.7%) RBI double to bring the team within one (+12.3%).
  • Face-man: Ryan Zimmerman (+4.4%) is 2-3 with a walk and rally-sparking, rain-delayed, two-run dinger (+2.3%).