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Nationals News: Luis 'ats-a-loss-o

  Luis Atilano has given up 24 hits, 19 earned runs and 10 walks in his last four starts (including Syracuse), striking out just seven.

  After going down 8-1 last night, the Nats battled back to 8-7 (and still lost). But they never gave up, and that's what matters.

  A "person close to [Pat] Listach" said he would be interested in managing the Cubs, following Lou Piniella's retirement.

  Chase Hughes wonders whether the Nats have an actual rival. Being such a young team, I would say a true rivalry is premature, but it does bring me some amount of joy when the Phillies lose...

  Danny Espinosa homered again at AA Harrisburg, his fourth dinger in the last three games.

  If you're planning on seeing Dave Matthews at Nats Park, particularly if you're coming from out of town, you should read this.

  Johnny Holliday looks back on the year that brought Stephen Strasburg through the farm system and up to the majors.

  The Mets have signed former National Chad Cordero.