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Nationals News: You wouldn't like him when he's angry...

  Stephen Strasburg, Mike Rizzo's "silent assassin," is showing flashes of competitiveness and intensity that the Nationals would like to see more of. They knew he had the stuff he needed, but his competitive edge is what sets him apart from many other pitchers.

  Adam Dunn, who was held out of the lineup on Sunday, left the team's dugout in the second inning to head to the Brewers' radio booth and catch up with Bob Uecker.

  If the Nats were to trade Matt Capps, they would be thinning their bullpen, but could get a pretty big haul in return.

  After losing out on Dan Haren, the Yankees have turned their attention to Dunn. That makes the Yankees, the White Sox (still) and the Tigers (who just lost Magglio Ordonez) potential trade partners for the Nats.

  Ross Detwiler gave up five unearned runs yesterday on two errors. The Nats know they need to play cleaner baseball, but it seems very difficult to do.

  For whatever reason, the difference between the Nats at home and away is huge. At home, they're four games above .500; away, they're 17-36 and have been outscored by 42 runs.

  J.D. Martin, who pitched 2.1 innings on Saturday, was taken out of the game due to a back injury and placed on the DL. He'll be examined in DC.

  Former Expo (and Cub) Andre Dawson was inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday.