Edwin Jackson to the Nationals? A Look at the Brewing Three-Team Trade in DC

The most recent news according to MLB Trade Rumors is that the Diamondbacks, the Nationals, and the White Sox are involved in trade talks. The players it revolves around are Edwin Jackson of the DBacks and Adam Dunn of our Washington Nationals.

Here is the report:

Rumblings continue to surface about a possible three-team deal involving the Nationals, White Sox and Diamondbacks that would send Edwin Jackson to Washington, Adam Dunn to Chicago and a bunch of young pitchers to Arizona.

What does this mean for the Nationals? It means that Mike Rizzo is doing something right. Let's take a look at Edwin Jackson's statistics for this year:
ERA/FIP/xFIP: 5.01/4.31/4.27.
His FIP and xFIP are nearly identical to last year's when he put up a 3.5 WAR season (FIP: 4.28, xFIP: 4.39). On the surface, he has an ugly ERA in 2010, but his xFIP supports the theory that it is due to the pitcher-unfriendly park in Arizona and the hot desert air that is causing it; additionally his HR/FB rate is up 1% from both his career rate and last year's numbers. In fact, most of his numbers have improved across the board. His xFIP is even better than last year (which is a number we can rely on heavily), and he is striking out more batters per nine (7.03 to 6.77) and he has been worth 1.7 WAR, already eclipsing all previous career totals besides 2009.

Now the Nationals may be losing a proven slugger, but they will be receiving someone who can help shore up the rotation. If Rizzo thinks he can either re-sign Dunn during the offseason or sign someone like Carlos Pena or Derrek Lee until Marrero is hopefully ready to take over at first, then he should pull the trigger. With a three-headed monster of Strasburg/Zimmermann/Jackson and 150-200 inning seasons from each, the Nationals will be in a better position to contend.

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