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Wire Taps: Monday's Washington Nationals' Adam Dunn Trade Chatter Wrap.

(ed. note - "I know a lot of folks have heard all this, but someone told me not everyone is on Twitter, which I find hard to believe, but in case it is true...this will get everyone up to speed...")

The part of's Jayson Stark's story entitled, "Daily Rumble: Welcome to the Roy Oswalt Show", involving the Washington Nationals' Adam Dunn that was left out in all the "rumblings" about rumored three-team discussions involving the Nats, White Sox and D-Backs yesterday was Mr. Stark's report that Washington has, "...made it clear that if they can get him to agree to an extension in the next few days, he'll stay." Instead, the talk all afternoon yesterday revolved around the second part of Mr. Stark's report which had Arizona right-hander Edwin Jackson going to DC with Adam Dunn headed to Chicago and, "...a bunch of young pitchers [going] to Arizona."'s Ken Rosenthal was up next with reports via Twitter (@Ken_Rosenthal), that the, "#Diamondbacks will not hesitate to trade EJax if they get what they want," but, as far as Mr. Rosenthal had heard as of 2:30 pm EST yesterday afternoon was that, "No 3-way talks with #Nationals and #WhiteSox - yet." And as Mr. Rosenthal wrote just moments later: "3-way w Dunn going to #WhiteSox a little difficult to imagine; White Sox don't have much to give."'s Buster Olney hears things, however, and about an hour after Mr. Rosenthal's reports, Mr. Olney tweeted (@Buster_ESPN), that, "The Nats have made progress in their effort to trade prospects for Edwin Jackson." What prospects? No one knows, but Mr. Olney makes no mention of Adam Dunn, just "prospects" involved as the Nationals "continue" to pursue the former Dodgers', Rays', Tigers' and current D-Backs' starter. As for Dunn?'s Jon Heyman brings the Yankees back into the discussion, writing just an hour or so before Mr.'s Rosenthal and Olney tweeted their reports in an article entitled, "It's a genuine buyers' market in baseball before the trade deadline", that, "[The Yankees] also have been in touch with the Nationals about big-time power hitter Adam Dunn but so far found the price prohibitive." Later in the article, Mr. Heyman discusses the possibility of the White Sox making a deal for Prince Fielder, and though second baseman Gordon Beckham's still not on the table, Mr. Heyman writes that the Sox, "...would likely be willing to include Triple-A catcher Tyler Flowers in a package," along with their top pitching prospect, Daniel Hudson. The Nats don't need a catcher, right?

More rumors to follow...