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Washington Nationals: Mike Rizzo Updates On Stephen Strasburg Injury.

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7:05 pm EST: While he was warming up with catcher Pudge Rodriguez, Stephen Strasburg was stopped, seemingly consoled for a moment by Pitching Coach Steve McCatty and Pudge and shortly thereafter he was seen leaving the bullpen and the announcement was made that he was being scratched from his scheduled outing with Nats' right-hander Miguel Batista called upon to make an emergency start. That's all the information there is right now. Batista is on the mound as the game starts...

7:30 • Mike Rizzo On MASN: 

Mike Rizzo: "...he's never had this workload before in his career, so when he said that he was having trouble getting loose, right away [Pitching Coach] Steve McCatty called the trainer, and the trainer called me and we went down there and I made the executive decision of saying that, "Well if you can't get loose I'm not going to let you go out and pitch against the Atlanta Braves, and Stephen's competitive demeanor surfaced and he wants to pitch and he hates to disappoint people and fans, but those are my calls and that was a call that I thought we had to make. He's being checked out by our staff and he's day to day and we'll see how he feels tomorrow."

Rob Dibble: "And the MRI is just precautionary?"

Mike Rizzo: "Yeah, obviously he's going to get an X-Ray and and MRI and as we have been throughout the process, we'll be very careful with him and we understand how he feels, the competitive nature of him, and he wants to pitch and he to battle every fifth day but it's my job to protect him and that's what I did."