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Wire Taps: The Washington Nationals, Adam Dunn And Anonymous Sources.

WASHINGTON - JULY 27:  Adam Dunn #44 and Josh Willingham #16 of the Washington Nationals talk with Chipper Jones #10 of the Atlanta Braves before the game at Nationals Park on July 27 2010 in Washington DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON - JULY 27: Adam Dunn #44 and Josh Willingham #16 of the Washington Nationals talk with Chipper Jones #10 of the Atlanta Braves before the game at Nationals Park on July 27 2010 in Washington DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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Before making an appearance on the MLB Network,'s Ken Rosenthal wrote, in an article entitled, "Dunn has yet to receive offer from Nats", that, "according to a source with knowledge of the situation" the Nationals have yet to actually make an offer to their big middle-of-the-order bat Adam Dunn. As far as Mr. Rosenthal had heard at the time, the Chicago White Sox were still the main suitors for the 30-year-old 40/100 threat, but Mr. Rosenthal noted that his, "... sources say the Tigers, Rangers and Yankees maintain some level of interest, as well."

Later Tuesday afternoon, in an appearance on the MLB Network, Mr. Rosenthal explained himself further...

MLB Network Trade Deadline Special

Ken Rosenthal: " said in the open that the Nationals are exploring all options with [Adam] Dunn...not really. The one option they haven't explored is a contract extension. They keep saying how much they love the guy, they want him back, but I learned today and reported that they've yet to make him a single offer. Now there are people in the industry who think who think that they're going to come with a last minute offer and then say, 'Hey, take it or leave it, if your reject it we'll trade you.' That could happen, a strategy...that could be hard to pull off..."

Later on MLB Tonight, Mr. Rosenthal appeared again and talked about the Chicago White Sox' plans as they approach Saturday's Non-Waiver Trade Deadline: 

Ken Rosenthal: "Right now, the priority is Adam Dunn, and has been for several weeks. [The White Sox] are trying fervently to get him, but Friday night, the night before the deadline, [RHP Daniel] Hudson makes his next start, he has struggled as a fifth starter since replacing Jake Peavy, and if he struggles again Friday night [White Sox'] GM Ken Williams might wake up Saturday morning and say, you know what, Adam Dunn isn't our biggest need, and at that point he would shift gears and possibly get a starting pitcher, but Dunn could make the biggest impact of any player he could possibly acquire."

• When he was done on t.v., writer and MLB Net contributor Ken Rosenthal reported, in an update of the feature column, "Buzz: Latest news from around the horn", which was entitled, "Nats looking to make moves to acquire D-backs' Jackson? ", that "major league sources" were telling him about what the Washington Nationals were attempting in their rumored pursuit of the D-Backs' right-hander Edwin Jackson...but as Mr. Rosenthal notes, "In fact, the Nats are not even expressing direct interest." "Instead," Mr. Rosenthal writes:

"[The Nationals] are first trying to obtain the necessary starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks through a trade for first baseman Adam Dunn...

"The White Sox, pressing hard for Dunn, likely would need to include right-hander Dan Hudson in any deal with the Nationals. The Nats then could send Hudson or one of their own pitchers to the D-Backs for Jackson."

• Earlier in the day Tuesday, writer Bruce Levine had reported, in an article entitled, "Source: Hudson in any Dunn deal", that, "Any deal for Dunn would have to include Daniel Hudson, the White Sox's top pitching prospect," and the Nats, according to Mr. Levine:

"...also want one of three White Sox prospects: catcher Tyler Flowers, outfielder Jordan Danks or injured infielder Brent Morel."

•'s Buster Olney, who's reported on Dunn's plans over the last several weeks was instead speculating last night on Twitter:

(@Buster_ESPN): "What follows is pure speculation: A Yankees-Adam Dunn trade makes a whole lot of sense. The Nationals have made successful trades with the Yankees in the past (Tyler Clippard), the Yankees usually think big and strike fast, and the possibility of Dunn hitting fifth or sixth or seventh in the Yankee lineup, in the short porch of Yankee Stadium, could be very, very appealing to the NYY."

•'s Jerry Crasnick speculated last night about a third team that is pursuing the Nats' big middle-of-the-order bat and another approach the Nats could take could take at the July 31st deadline, writing first on Twitter (@jcrasnick) that the Tampa Bay Rays, "...looking for an impact bat, will keep an eye on Jayson Werth and Adam Dunn right up to the trade deadine,"  and then reporting on what he's heard about another direction the Nats could go:

"One scout said he won't be surprised if Nationals trade Adam Dunn, then try to re-sign him this winter if the price drops."

So? Three days left until we see whose sources are right...