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Nationals News: The one where Stephen Strasburg seems to be okay...

  Good (old) news on Strasburg: an MRI and an X-ray have showed no structural damage, but he's dealing with some shoulder inflammation. Good on the Nats for playing it cautious.

  Given the Nats' handling of other pitching injuries, it's possible that Strasburg will be shut down for the season. More likely, however, he'll do a short DL stint if he can't pitch this weekend, and then return to the normal schedule.

  If Adam Dunn is traded, who will replace him? The most logical answer is Mike Morse, whose move to first would solidify Roger Bernadina in right field and would provide at least some of the pop of Dunn's bat.

  Dunn is having the best year of his career (meaning his trade value has never been higher), and happens to be swinging at more pitches than ever before. Sure, he's walking less, but his batting average is 30 points higher than his career average. He was chastised for leaving the dugout, in full uniform, to go see Bob Uecker in the Brewers' broadcast booth during the game last week. And understandably so.

  Although many fans went to see Strasburg vs. Jason Heyward last night, they weren't disappointed in what they saw - a strong outing from Miguel Batista and a Nats team that played well together, for at least a night.

  Scott Olsen will get the start on Thursday, coming off the disabled list and replacing J.D. Martin in the rotation.