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SB Nation Team PICK: RFD -$20 Worth of Food and Drinks For $10!

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Occassionally the SB Nation gives us the option of offering the DC Faithful deals. When it seems to me like they might be something of interest to you all I will post them, and this week's offer sounded like one that you would actually appreciate and take advantage of, so here it is:

RFD: (Regional Food and Drink Washington) "The World of Beer in the Heart of the City" – which features over 30 beers on tap, very rare cask-conditioned ale and more than 300 beers by the bottle. Now, with SB Nation’s Team Pick, RFD has brewed up a great deal: $20 worth of food and drink for just $10.

The offer is available through tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. You can get all of the info and sign up HERE. That is all. Return to your Non-Waiver Trade Deadline rumors now...If you want to receive email updates on existing offers in case I don't post them all here, you can sign up to have them sent to you HERE, and I'm promised they won't be excessive.