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Washington Nationals Welcome Roy Oswalt To The NL East, Beat Philadelphia Phillies 8-1.

WASHINGTON - JULY 30:  Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals slides into third base with a triple in the first inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on July 30 2010 in Washington DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON - JULY 30: Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals slides into third base with a triple in the first inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on July 30 2010 in Washington DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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Tonight's Trade Deadline Top 5: 

5. MOAR MORGAN!!! Welcome to the NL East, Roy Oswalt!! Nats' leadoff man Tony Plush is back at it and he lines the first pitch Oswalt throws as a Philadelphia starter to right-center for a leadoff triple to start tonight's game. Adam Kennedy grounds out to second and the Nats are up 1-0 real early. Morgan's 6th triple of 2010 is his first since April 22nd...

4. 9-3 Putout! Nats' starter Craig Stammen gives up one of the many hits Nationals' starters like to give up to opposing pitche-- or at least it would've been a single if Roger Bernadina hadn't been perfectly positioned in shallow right to field Oswalt's line drive and throw the slow-footed starter out at first, 9-3 putout for everyone's favorite right fielder. (No offense, Michael Morse.)

3. No One Home, Ruiz!!!: Craig Stammen returns the favor and singles off of Oswalt in the Nats' third. Nyjer Morgan's hit by Oswalt and there are two on for the Nats' new go-to-second baseman, Adam Kennedy. Kennedy tries to get a bunt down. The Phillies catcher John Ruiz jumps up and fields it with Greg Dobbs charging from third, so there's no one home when Philly's backstop throws to and through third allowing two runs to score as the Nats take a 3-0 lead over Philadelphia. 

2. 6.0 And Done: Nats' right-hander Craig Stammen throws 6.0 scoreless innings before he throws a hanging 2-2 fastball to Jayson Werth who hits a leadoff HR to left to finally get the Phillies on the board in the seventh. 5-1 Nats. Domonic Brown follows with a single, and Greg Dobbs flies to deep right for the first out. Too deep for Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman's liking. Stammen's done: 6.1 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K's, 89 pitches, 55 strikes, 8 groundouts, 5 flyouts. 

1. Hammer And Bernie!!: Roy Oswalt hits Nyjer Morgan to start the fifth, but picks him off first before surrendering a one-out double to Adam Kennedy. Adam Dunn's hit by Oswalt with two down, setting Josh Willingham with two on. The Hammer rips a grounder by Greg Dobbs at third, two runs score, 5-1 Nats...After Werth's HR chases Stammen in the stop of the seventh, the Nats chase Roy Oswalt from the mound. Adam Kennedy, who ends the game 4 for 5 with 2 runs scored and an RBI, singles to start the seventh in front of Ryan Zimmerman, who does the same. Josh Willingham takes a one-out single to load the bases and Roger Bernadina doubles into the right field corner to score two more and make it 7-1. Ian Desmond's sac fly scores Willingham. 8-1 Nats. That's how it ends. 

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• Final Score: Nationals 8, Phillies 1.

Nationals now 45-58. 


1 - Jimmy Rollins pops out to second for Adam Kennedy and the Nats and Phillies are underway. Placido Polanco flies out to Roger Bernadina in right. Raul Ibanez goes back up the middle on an 0-2 pitch that gets too much plate. Ryan Howard grounds out to Ian Desmond at second in the shift and finishes a relatively quick first....Nyjer Morgan lines the first pitch he sees into the right-center gap for a leadoff triple!! Adam Kennedy grounds out to second, Morgan scores, 1-0 Nats. Ryan Zimmerman pops out to Polanco at second. Adam Dunn lines to right for a one-out single. Josh Willingham pops out to first, 1-0 Nats after one. 

2 - Jason Werth grounds out to short for the first out of the second. Domonic Brown takes a 2-2 two-seamer inside for a called strike three. Greg Dobbs flies to Morgan in center, two scoreless for Stammen...Roger Bernadina grounds out to first to start the Nats' half of the frame. Pudge Rodriguez chases a 1-2 slider outside. Ian Desmond lines back to the mound and into Oswalt's glove. 

3 - Carlos Ruiz K's swinging over a 2-2 sinker inside. Roy Oswalt lines to right off Stammen, Bernadina's playing shallow and throws him out at first!! Two down. Jimmy Rollins grounds out to first, Dunn tosses to the covering pitcher...Craig Stammen singles to right to start the third. Nyjer Morgan gets hit by Oswalt to put two on for Adam Kennedy, who bunts in front of the plate. Greg Dobbs charges from third, the catcher fields it and throws to third, but no one is there, Stammen scores as it soars into left, 2-0 Nats. Ryan Zimmerman flies to right, Morgan tests Domonic Brown's arm, and beats the throw home. 3-0 Nats. Adam Dunn K's swinging way out in front of a curve as Kennedy steals second on Ruiz. Josh Willingham flies to Domonic Brown in right to end the third. 

4 - Placido Polanco grounds to first, Dunn tosses to Stammen. Raul Ibanez singles to center off Stammen. Stammen busts Ryan Howard inside for a called strike three. Jayson Werth reaches safely on a grounder that deflects off Stammen...Roger Bernadina lines to right-center for a leadoff double in the Nats' fourth. Pudge Rodriguez K's chasing another breaking ball. Ian Desmond reaches safely when Greg Dobbs bobbles a grounder to third. Two on for Stammen. DP grounder to end the inning. 

5 - Craig Stammen walks Greg Dobbs and earns a visit from Steve McCatty. Jayson Werth's grounder to third moves Dobbs to second. Roy Oswalt grounds to Dunn at first for the second out, Dobbs to third. Stammen gets a grounder to Adam Kennedy at second for his fifth scoreless...Leadoff walk for Nyjer Morgan, but he's caught stealing and thrown out by Oswalt. Adam Kennedy doubles to left-center with one down. Ryan Zimmerman lines out to short, and Oswalt hits Dunn. Josh Willingham rips a grounder by Dobbs at third, Kennedy and Dunn score, 5-0 Nats. Roger Bernadina takes a two-out walk. Pudge's groundout ends the frame.

6 - Placido Polanco K's swinging at a sinking fastball. Raul Ibanez flies out to Roger Bernadina in right. Zimmerman throws out Ryan Howard, 5-0 Nats in the sixth...Ian Desmond flies out to Brown in right. Craig Stammen takes strike three. Nyjer Morgan flies out to center, 5-0 Nats after six. 

7 - Stammen throws a 2-2 pitch to Jayson Werth that gets far too much plate. Werth destroys it, HR to left, 5-1 Nats. Stammen gives up a line drive single to right by Domonic Brown. Greg Dobbs flies out to right, Stammen's done. Tyler Clippard takes over with Carlos Ruiz up. Ruiz grounds to third, two down. Ben Francisco K's swinging to end the top of the frame...Adam Kennedy singles to center off Phillies' right-hander Chad Durbin and Zimmerman does the same. Two on for Dunn. Polanco makes an over the shoulder catch on a pop to right by Dunn. Willingham walks to load'em up for Roger Bernadina, who rips a line drive to the right field corner for a two-run double. 7-1 Nats. Pudge gets the intentionals. Ian Desmond flies out to left, Willingham tags and scores, 8-1 Nats. Clippard gets a taste of his own medicine, swinging K. 

8 - Jimmy Rollins grounds out to Adam Kennedy at first. Polanco grounds to short. Clippard walks Raul Ibanez. Ryan Howard chases a fastball for strike three swinging and Clippard's second scoreless...Nyjer Morgan grounds out to first to start the Nats' eighth. Adam Kennedy lines to left for a one-out single. Ryan Zimmerman pops out. Alberto Gonzalez gets an at bat and flies to center to end the eighth. 

9 - Collin Balester throws a 93 mph fastball by Jayson Werth. One-out single by Domonic Brown. Greg Dobbs flies out to left. Ruiz grounds out to short, Desmond with the throw, ballgame. 8-1 Nats final.