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Game 104: Good one--you shoulda been there.



  • Play of the game week season: Ryan Zimmerman (+62.7%) parks a three-run walkoff bomb a third of the way up the batter's eye in dead center (+65.2%)
  • Baby steps: Ross Detwiler (+21.3%) improves on his previous outing, going 5.1 IP with 1 ER, 3 BB and 3 Ks.
  • Note to bullpen--stop walking people: Tyler Clippard (-30.8%) walks a batter who scores on a later dinger to tie the game, while Drew Storen (-30.6%) comes in with a runner on third and gives up the go-behind run.
  • Also showing flashes of decent: Mike Morse (+13.5%) starts the 9th inning rally with a single, while Sean Burnett (+13.2%) goes 1 inning with 1 ER, but gets out of a jam and leaves with a lead.