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Should The Washington Nationals Trade Cristian Guzman? Adam Dunn? Matt Capps?

As the Washington Nationals approach the July 31st Non-Waiver Trade Deadling, Nats' GM Mike Rizzo tells reporter Ken Rosenthal, as recounted in Mr. Rosenthal's most recent "Full Count" video report, (which was filmed at Nationals Park this weekend), that other teams have been inquiring about "five or six" Nationals with the rumored names often mentioned including Adam Dunn, who is a free agent after this season, Josh Willingham and Matt Capps, who are both under control for another year, and infielders Cristian Guzman, who's in the second year of a 2-yr/$16M dollar deal, and Adam Kennedy, who signed for 1-year/$1.25M with a club option for 2011.

Adam Dunn projects as a Type-A free agent according to a post by's Tim Dierkes entitled, "Elias Ranking Updates", which also has Guzman, a 32-year-old free agent-to-be, failing to qualify for A or B status, which means he'd fail to provide any draft picks in return, making a trade at some time before he walks a distinct possibility...since the Nationals aren't going to re-sign Guzman, right? Adam Kennedy is not going to get A or B status either, but recent transactions involving the 34-year-old infielder, who's .240/.316/.329 in spots starts and random appearances, would lead one to believe he's not going to bring much back in return, and he can be bought out for $500,000 this winter if the Nationals decide not to bring him back. 

Matt Capps, who was named to the 2010 All-Star roster yesterday, and is tied for 2nd in baseball with 22 saves on the NL East's last-place team, might not ever be a more attractive to other teams than he is right now. As Mr. Rosenthal reports in the video, " A number of teams are desperate for relievers and Capps is 22 for 26 in save opportunities,":

Ken Rosenthal: "[Capps has] recovered from his early June slump. The Nats control Capps for next year but they might want to trade him for peak value and then turn over the late innings to Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen."

• Scout's Take: (ed. note - "In which my not-particularly-talkative brother, Scout, a life-long Atlanta Braves' fan offers his unsolicited opinion on matters dealing with the Nats."): 

Scout: "Trade Capps for a young first baseman (+prospects) and trade Adam Dunn for his maximum value."

Trade Capps? Trade Dunn? One thing you have to do is trade Cristian Guzman...What will the Washington Nationals look like on August 1st if all this happens? Tyler Clippard closing with Drew Storen locking down the eighth. Ian Desmond, errors and all at short, with Adam Kennedy, if he's not dealt, and Alberto Gonzalez splitting time in the infield. Can the Nats find a young MLB-ready first baseman in a deal that would allow them to trade Adam Dunn in spite of the fact that many Nats' fans don't seem too excited about dealing Washington's big middle-of-the-order bat and would instead like to see him signed to an extension....You're Mike Rizzo, what do you do? In Rizzo We Trust...