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Nationals News: At least it's National League from here on out...

  The Nats have been strong against NL teams, but weak against the American League, despite playing some of the weakest AL teams. They're 15-15 against the NL East, 9-9 against the NL Central and 7-10 against the NL West.

  Snakes in my Pants responds to Patrick's post about the Nats' trade deadline options.

  After breaking his ankle and missing most of last season, Roger Bernadina has really come into his own in 2010. He wants to become the everyday right fielder, but isn't quite there yet.

  When Stephen Strasburg doesn't have his best stuff, it's a good idea to work the pitch count, according to Jason Bay. But on days when he does, don't bother. His last start was his roughest to date, but he still found ways to correct himself, and likely would have continued to dominate had he not been pulled.

  Ryan Zimmerman is still in the race for the last All-Star Game slot! There is still time to vote, people!

  Thomas Boswell argues that it's probably in the Nationals' (and Strasburg's) best interest to not pitch Strasburg in the All-Star Game this year. Give him the time off, and don't put the pressure on him.

Ian Desmond haters, read this. Jim Riggleman and Tim Foli are confident that he'll cut down his errors in the coming season, and will turn into a legitimate big-league shortstop.

  FJB is not big on the All-Star Game, saying that we should look at more than just the first half of the season to determine who is an all-star.