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Game 84: Zim = All Star



  • Joey who? Ryan Zimmerman (+45.0%) is 3-4 with a walk and 2 HR, including a walkoff winner on the second pitch of the home 9th (+35.3%).
  • Give and take: Ian Desmond (+7.2%) has a game-tying error (-8.8%) as well as a relay throw from Josh Willingham (-3.5%) to Ivan Rodriguez (+5.2%) for a tie-preserving out at the plate (+6.9%).  Also, he went yard tonight.
  • Mr. National: Livan Hernandez (+7.6%) has a solid 7 IP with 4 Ks and 2 BBs, marred by Tyler Clippard (-15.5%) cashing in two of his baserunners.
  • Leader of the club: Michael Morse (+16.9%) is 3-4 with a double and two early RBIs, a pretty good night for anyone not named Ryan Zimmerman.