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Nationals News: Ryan Zimmerman is one cool cat

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  Despite his recent slump, Ryan Zimmerman remains the "face of the franchise," as much as he hates that label. He's also a nice guy, chartering a boat on the 4th and inviting everyone on the Nats' roster to watch the fireworks from the Potomac.

  After announcing that he would use either Tyler Clippard or Drew Storen in the eighth, Jim Riggleman trotted Livan Hernandez out there last night. Hernandez gave up two singles, setting the table for Clippard, who let those runners in. Thankfully, this is all irrelevant, as Ryan Zimmerman hit a walkoff home run in the bottom of the ninth.

  Pudge Rodriguez won the fan vote, and will be the bobblehead giveaway on August 28. No official announcement was made, but Nats320 managed to grab pictures of the scoreboard.

  Ian Desmond commits a lot of errors, but he plays aggressive, and that's not going to change.

  Zimmerman, hero of last night's game, says that Desmond is "very talented" and that it's worth it to have him out there instead of benching him, despite his propensity for errors.

  Ross Detwiler started at AA Harrisburg yesterday, giving up two runs in four innings.

  On this day in 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first President to attend an All-Star game, where he threw out the first pitch.

  The Nats signed seventh round draft pick Kevin Keyes and 32nd round draft pick Randolph Oduber. DC Sports Plus takes a look at these guys' potential.

  Bud Selig told reporters that he's content with the current instant replay system, and doesn't want to change the "pace of balance" of the game.