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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals' Adam Dunn - Rumors/Trade Talk.'s Bill Ladson mentioned the Washington Nationals' interest in Chicago White Sox' outfielder Carlos Quentin as far back as May 26th when he wrote in an article entitled, "Inbox: Is Detwiler's return on the horizon?", that he, "...would not be surprised if one day general manager Mike Rizzo tried to trade for White Sox right fielder Carlos Quentin, whom Rizzo drafted when both were with the D-backs," as a potential solution to the team's continuing issues getting offense out of their right fielders. 

Quentin's name came up again yesterday in a section of a's Ken Rosenthal article entitled, "Time for D-Backs to slow down and think", which was subtitled, "No Dunn Deal", wherein Mr. Rosenthal noted that, "Rival club officials say the Nationals’ asking price for Dunn is exorbitant,":

" says the Nats wanted either second baseman Gordon Beckham or right fielder Carlos Quentin from the White Sox."'s Buster Olney noted yesterday via his Twitter account (@Buster_ESPN) that, "one rival executive says the White Sox 'are all over Adam Dunn' right now. He would be perfect for what the White Sox need." In today's column, entitled, "Multiple paths to a Dunn deal",'s Buster Olney makes no mention of Carlos Quentin, but does write about the Nationals and Sox discussing trade possibilities:

" early conversations with the hyperaggressive White Sox, Washington has kicked around names like Gordon Beckham's -- which would be a big-time return for a two-month rental."

Buster Olney is not the only writer noting that the Nats may be gauging potential returns on their big middle-of-the-order bat, with his colleague,'s Jayson Stark noting yesterday in a Rumor Central post entitled, "Stark: Rays eyeing bats", that, "the Rays are spending almost all of their time shopping for bats these days,":

"Two names sources say they've inquired about: Josh Willingham and Adam Dunn..."

The latest update from's Rumor Central links to a Chicago Sun-Times' article by Joe Cowley entitled, "Sox GM Williams won't be held hostage", which starts with Mr. Cowley writing, "Adam Dunn to the White Sox isn't exactly dead. It's on life support," because, as Mr. Cowley puts it:

"The interest in Dunn went from two teams to ''a handful'' almost overnight, and the Nationals are ''asking for the moon' from each team."

This is more of the same stuff we heard from's Ken Rosenthal in the article mentioned earlier entitled, "No Dunn Deal", where Mr. Rosenthal wrote yesterday that, "... acquiring first baseman Adam Dunn would be "very painful" for an interested club." As it should be. In Rizzo We Trust. The big question in my mind now is whether the Nats are going to end up angering Dunn by not signing him before the deadline and forcing him to suffer through the rumors which are sure to continue up to the moment the July 31st deadline passes...

• More news to come when I pick it up on the Wire Taps...