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Washington Nationals Win Series, Drop Finale 7-1 To The San Diego Padres.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. Cy Babe Latos: The Nats knew Mat Latos would be trouble for Washington's batters, that was expected. That he'd hit his first career HR...uh, un-expected? Is it really unexpected when pitchers are constantly hitting against the Nats? Nationals' right-hander Luis Atilano gives up a run in the first when Chase Headley doubles and scores on an RBI line drive to left by Yorvit Torrealba. 1-0 Padres. Latos, San Diego's 22-year-old '06 11th Round pick, hits his first MLB HR to left, crushing a sinkless fastball upstairs from Atilano that goes over the left field fence for a solo blast one out after Chris Denorfia hit his second HR in two days and second of the season. 3-0 Padres. 

4. Atilano's Done: An odd play, not an error apparently, but Adam Kennedy makes an odd decision in field in the sixth. Torrealba and right fielder Aaron Cunningham single to center off Atliano to put runners of first and third, and Chris Denorfia's grounder to third could be a DP if they hurry, but Kennedy decides to throw home after getting the force on Ryan Zimmerman's throw to second, and the Padres' slow-footed catcher Torrealba is safe when Kennedy's throw sails wide and pulls Pudge Rodriguez off the plate. 4-0 Padres. Atilano's line: (L, 6-6), 5.1 IP, 8 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 2 HR's, 2 K's, 81 pitches, 49 strikes, 8 groundouts, 5 flyouts. 

3. Dunn K's 3 Time After The 3 HR's Last Night: After hitting 3 HR's last night, Adam Dunn strikes out three times, but still comes through with an opposite field RBI single in his last at bat to drive in the only run Washington would score off the Padres tonight. Latos, the Padres' 6'6'' right-handed starter throws 7.0 scoreless, and has now allowed just one run earned or otherwise in his last four starts and 27.2 IP. Matt Latos' line: 2 for 3, HR, RBI, 2 runs, 1 K, (W, 10-4), 7.0 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 8 K's, 2.45 ERA.

2. Roger "Two-Spot" Bernadina: The one positive we can pull from this? Bernadina's still hitting!! The Nats' 26-year-old right fielder-against-right-handers is 2 for 4 with his 8th double and the Nats' only run scored. Ian Desmond hit the ball hard each time though he went 0 for 3 with a walk...Uh....

1. Not Dunn!! Not E: 75!!!!: Jerry Hairston, Jr. hits the Padres' 4th HR, this one off Nats' lefty Doug Slaten with two down in the top of the ninth to make it 7-1 San Diego. The Nats are one out away from playing an error-less game when Chase Headley pops up foul of first and Adam Dunn lets it drop, completely missing what should have been an out. E: 5 on the Gold Glove Donkey. E: 75 on the season for the Washington Nationals...

• A Crowd Of People Turned Away, But The DC Faithful Had To Look...

• Final Score: Padres 7, Nationals 4. 

Nationals now 38-48.


1 - Nats' right-hander Luis Atilano gets a pop fly to third from Jerry Hairston,Jr. for out no.1 of 27, and then gives up a double to Chase Headley, who bounces one off the out-of-town scoreboard in right. Adrian Gonzalez gets the intentionals to bring Scott Hairston up with two on. Hairston singles to load the bases. Yorvit Torrealba's line drive to left scores the Padres' first run, Headley scores, 1-0 Padres. Aaron Cunningham grounds back to the mound, Atilano to Ian Desmond at second to Adam Dunn at first, double play to end the top of the frame..Nyjer Morgan grounds out to Everth Cabrera at short. Roger Bernadina takes a 1-2 fastball from Padres' right-hander Mat Latos for a called strike three. Ryan Zimmerman drives a ground ball back up the middle for a two-out single. Adam Dunn K's chasing and it's 1-0 Padres after one. 

2 - Chris Denorfia grounds to Ian Desmond at short for the first out of the second. Everth Cabrera flies out to center. Two down. Mat Latos K's swinging and the Nats head in to bat...Josh Willingham can't hold up, and he K's trying to check his swing on a slider outside from Latos. Pudge Rodriguez walks with one down and takes second on a weak grounder to short from Adam Kennedy. Ian Desmond gets nothing to hit and walks. Luis Atilano K's swinging and it's 1-0 Padres after two. 

3 - Jerry Hairston, Jr. grounds out to short. Atilano gives up another single to Chase Headley. Adrian Gonzalez gets pitched around. Scott Hairston pops out to Pudge behind home. Yorvit Torrealba pops out to Ian Desmond behind the mound, 1-0 Padres in the third...Nyjer Morgan pops out to short to start the Nats' third. Roger Bernadina gets a grounder through second. One-out single. Ryan Zimmerman pops out to Chase Headley for out no.2. Adam Dunn goes down swinging for the second time. Latos' 4th K

4 - Aaron Cunningham lines out to Willingham in left, one down. Chris Denorfia leads the fourth off with his second HR of the season, taking a hanging curve to left and out of the park for a 2-0 Padres' lead. Everth Cabrera grounds out to Kennedy at second. Atilano leaves a sinking fastball up and Latos launches it to left and GONE! Latos' first career HR. 3-0 Padres. Jerry Hairston, Jr.'s groundout to third ends the Padres' fourth...Josh Willingham lines a 2-0 pitch to Hairston in left. Pudge Rodriguez gets jammed and grounds weakly to short. Adam Kennedy K's swinging at a curve outside. 

5 - Luis Atilano gets Chase Headley swinging to end the top of the fifth. Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to second. Ryan Zimmerman fields and throws on a groundout from Scott Hairston, 3-0 Padres in the 5th...Ian Desmond flies out to left field. Luis Atilano goes down swinging. Nyjer Morgan pops out to left.

6 - Yorvit Torrealba singles to center and Aaron Cunningham lines a single of his own to Morgan. First and third, no outs. Chris Denorfia grounds to Zimmerman at third, Zim throws to second, and Adam Kennedy throws home for some reason and wide of the plate. Torrealba scores, 4-0 Padres and Atilano's done. Miguel Batista gets a DP grounder from Everth Cabrera to Kennedy to Desi to Dunn, 4-0 Padres...Roger Bernadina grounds out to short. One down. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to left field. Adam Dunn K's looking, 3 K's. 

7 - Mat Latos lines to center to start the Padres seventh. Jerry Hairston, Jr. K's swinging. Chase Headley goes deeeep to right off of Batista, and it's GONE! Two-run HR, 6-0 Padres. Adrian Gonzalez pops out to third. Scott Hairston grounds weakly to a charging Zim, 6-0 Padres in the seventh...Josh Willingham shoots a single through short. Pudge grounds into a force at second, Hammer's out. Adam Kennedy drops a single into short left on a change outside from Latos. Ian Desmond rips a fly ball to center that Denorfia catches. Willie Harris' line drive single to right loads the bases, but Latos gets a groundout to second from Morgan to leave'em loaded. 

8 - Yorvit Torrealba grounds back to the mound, sharply. Joel Peralta gets Aaron Cunningham swinging for the second out. Denorfia down swinging...Luke Gregerson takes over against Bernadina in the eighth. Bernadina lines a double off the out-of-town scoreboard in right. Ryan Zimmerman takes a low strike for a full-count. Zim walks. Adam Dunn singles through short to score Bernadina. 6-1 Padres. Josh Willingham grounds into a 6-4-3 DP. Pudge Rodriguez flies out to center. 6-1 Padres after eight. 

9 - Doug Slaten throws for the Nats. Everth Cabrera pops out to second. Oscar Salazar flies out to center. Jerry Hairston, Jr. takes Slaten deep to left and gone, the Padres' fourth HR makes it 7-1. Chase Headley grounds out to third to end the top of the ninth...Edward Mujica gives up a single to Adam Kennedy. Ian Desmond grounds to short, Cabrera to Hairston to Gonzalez. Michael Morse up with two down. Swinging K, ballgame.