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Game 113: Miss Universe's Bad Hair Day



  • Double(s) Trouble: Stephen Strasburg (-25.7%) can't stop coughing up the two-baggers, going 4.1 IP with 4 Ks, 2BBs, and 6 hits--all for extra bases, with 5 doubles and a two-run dinger in the first that put the Nats behind for good (-17.5%)
  • This is offense? Ian Desmond (+4.2%) provides the big spark at the plate tonight, going 0-4 with a run-scoring ROE (+7.7%) and an RBI FC (-1.3%).
  • Heart failure: The 3-4-5 spots trail the team in WPA, going 1-10 with 3 Ks, 2 BBs, 6 LOB and -16.0% WPA.
  • Closer to 3,000: Ivan Rodriguez (+2.9%) is 2-4, scoring both of the Nationals' runs.