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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/13/10

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. I can't say that I am upset to see the Marlins leave town. Boy are they going to have a good team and they have really had our number. Here is one look at how poorly we have done against the Marlins. --Adam Kilgore

And another. --Ben Goessling at

It just isn't fun when one team has such dominance over the other. All of these games were over early and there was never a time to just sit back and watch a ball game. Hopefully the Nationals can play the Diamondbacks tougher and at least give us a few moments to enjoy ourselves this weekend.

One thing that I am not looking forward to this weekend are the people that will feel the need to interject politics with baseball. Baseball is the escape from life, not the place to be reminded of all the controversies of the world. I am in a bit of a bad mood this morning because of the Marlins. What happenned in that series has turned my thoughts negative and I can only focus on what troubles might happen at the ballpark this weekend. So let's get to something positive.

A positive review of Nats Park by an outsider. I have to say that of the parks I have been to Nationals Park is one of the best places to watch a game. It is just a baseball stadium with great views of the field from every seat in the house, and really what more can you ask for? --Woody Studenmund from

Here is something I had hoped would have sparked a little bit more debate yesterday. This rumor has legs and sometimes rumors can grow and become self fufilling prophecies. The Nationals may have no plans on Crawford right now, but a Goessling column becomes a post on MLB Trade Rumors and then another post. Soon it is the topic of conversation on message boards and blogs, and then Crawford says he is interested in playing in DC, then the Nationals decide that maybe they can sign Crawford and before you know it a rumor has become reality. --Josh Alper from

Of course I don't think the hearts and minds of Nationals fans will turn from the beloved Dunnkey anytime soon. He remains priority number one in most people's minds. --David Aldridge at 

More news on the Dunner, Harper, and everything else after the jump.


This is kind of a weird thing. --Dan Steinberg DC Sports Blog

I personally like Rob Dibble and I mean that exactly as I said it. Dibble is a big tough guy that likes tattoos, metal music, and pro wrestling. I like those things too, which makes me like Rob Dibble. As a baseball color guy I sometimes question things he says. like the thought that John Lannan should try and blow fastballs by people, or how his solution to every problem in the world can be solved with more fastballs. Maybe if world leaders threw more fastballs we would be closer to world peace, but I don't think that is the solution. I think that Dan Steinberg is being a little sensitive in his criticism of Dibble's attempt at humor. Jokes work because they play to our preconceived notions. Women like to talk, women like to shop, mothers-in-law are annoying, Starbucks is evil, Nickleback can't make music, and a million other things people are likely to believe.  

As requested I am adding this link. It is a well writen and thoughtful response from a female baseball fan on Rob Dibble's comments. --Stacey at 

I for one don't see the problem with it. Dibble was playing off a joke that has been told time and time again, and I am a person that gets annoyed at people sitting behind me and talking the entire game about stuff that has nothing to do about baseball. Dibble didn't know what the women were talking about, and I don't think it matters. It was a joke. He wasn't saying women didn't belong at the baseball game, or that they couldn't enjoy themselves. He just mentioned they were taling the entire time and it was probably about shopping. I am sure George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and Eddie Izard have told plenty of jokes about women shopping.

For more on my view of jokes please watch this video of the one funny joke Carlos Mencia ever told.

Now back to the big man and another opinion on what it takes to get him signed. --Phil Wood

And more opinion. --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post

An interesting update on another former Nat. --Tim Dierkes   

This is just weird unless he means another Mark Zuckerman. I am aware of some of Ladson's issues with people on twitter, but I am not aware of any problem between him and Zuckerman. --Bill Ladson on twitter

The always great Nationals minor league report. I think there might finally be some real prospects on the way. Times could be getting exciting soon. --Bill Gluvna via Adam Kilgore

Here is an updated look at the Nationals top 20 prospects. These are the highest rated prospects this organization has had since they have been here. I believe. If I am wrong feel free to correct me. The only thing that tempers my excitement for the futre of this franchise is the future of the Braves and Marlins franchises. --John Sickles

Josh Willingham hasn't been in the line-up for a couple games and here is an update on his injured knee. --Mark Zuckerman from

Livan Hernandez has had a pretty good season at the age of 35-40, and here is one bloggers opinion on just what it all means. Fellow Cuban Luis Tiant had one of his best seasons at the age of 35 and was a productive major leaguer for a few years after that, and we have seen guys like Jamie Moyer have some of their best seasons after the age of 40. Livan may have some years left in him afterall. --Mike Henderson

The flying dutchmen is not just impressing the fans, but also those in the Nats organization. --Greg Rosenstein at

Has Showalter made the Orioles more popular than the Nats in DC? I don't know if I really trust ratings anymore. With the age of DVR and Hulu the ratings seem to mean less and less, plus from the type of people that live in this area I doubt they allow their family to turn the TV from the History Channel. --Dan Steinberg DC Sports Blog

Would Bryce Harper go to all the trouble of dropping out of school and getting his GED just to play an extra year at Junior College and risk slowing his development and path to the real money? One former teammate thinks it is unlikely. I wonder if Aaron Crow's opinion on holding out has changed?--Adam Kilgore

More news on Harper in the middle of this column. The phrase that they have had no meaningful conversations means less than nothing. Just try and figure out exactly what the word meaningful would mean in the terms on contract negotiations. I am sure you will come up with so many that you will only confuse yourself. --Jayson Stark

Pictures of Owen Wilson in a Nats uniform. I watched the trailer of the movie and it looks like a romantic comedy where the Nationals are going to lose to Paul Rudd. --Dan Steinberg from DC Sports Blog

Around the NL East

Chipper Jones out for the year. Next stop Cooperstown 2015? --Caroll Roger at

More bad news for the Braves. Utley is getting closer to coming back. I just don't like any of the teams in our division and I would really like the day to be sooner rather than later where we can beat them all so bad and keep them all out of the playoffs. --AP via The Sporting News

General Baseball

This year has been a blood letting for managers and even more could be gone at the end of the year. --Tracy Ringolsby

I didn't find the video all the interesting as the ball wasn't hit hard enough to be that funny, but this story has gotten better as the foul ball couple has broken up. Let me explain how this happenned. The girl is cute and of age (barely). Someone famous saw that video and demanded that girls name. Sorry somewhat goofy looking guy. This is the price you pay for not doing what everyone else would have done and just catch the ball. --Barry Petchesky

Baseball Prospectus podcast including opinions on what Bryce Harper might sign for and more about the draft signing deadline. --Kevin Goldstein

Now if you ever wanted to stalk Mike Rizzo or anyone else involved in baseball you can for the low low price of $29.95. --Baseball America Store

Everyone enjoy your weekend, and hopefully Monday morning isn't as depressing as today.