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Game 116: Let's hope the real John Lannan just stood up

Tonight's game report: Nats break losing streak in 4-2 win over D-backs.



  • Vintage Cool Hand: John Lannan (+23.2%) goes 7 IP with 2 ER, and a quite atypical 5 Ks and 1 BB.
  • Just like the MASN commercials! Lannan gets a pair of big GDPs, including one with runners on the corners to end the 5th (+14.3%).
  • We spell 'relief' J-A-U-N-T-Y: Sean Burnett (+16.1%) gets a save with 2 innings of perfect relief, featuring 4 Ks.
  • The future and the face: Ian Desmond (+9.5%) is 3-4 with a double, while Ryan Zimmerman (+9.2%) is 2-3 with a walk and a 2-RBI single for the early lead (+10.9%).