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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/16/10

So, what bit of non-baseball fun do we start off with today. Rob Dibble or Protesters? Both of these things annoy me for entirely different reasons. The Rob Dibble thing gets on my nerves because I generally don't like Political Correctness, and the protest gets on my nerves because it disturbed my baseball watching experience.

I actually debated even posting anything about Dibble. It is a bit of a sensitive topic and some of the ire aimed at Dibble could end up aimed at me. I don't even know how big of a story it is as it hasn't yet reached the point of mainstreem, but over the weekend I saw on Twitter many comments from everyone from Keith Law to Will Leitch about women, baseball, and sales. I knew that this Dibble thing was growing, but then I checked around and it seemed to be contained to Twitter and female bloggers. 

We will start with the Dibble thing and if you are tired of it skip to after the jump for Harper, protesters, and maybe some baseball related stuff. I would first however like to declare Dibble the second ever inter-gender champion of the world.

We will start with this blog which actually offended me since I view myself as an average guy. --notyourtypicalgirl from 

It is weird but I feel like I am going to offend someone by just talking about Rob Dibble. Then I realize that in this overly sensitive world you cannot say or type anything in a public forum without someone being offended. A good batter is not afraid to take a called third strike. They just can't be. If they think a ball is out of the strikezone they have to take it. That fear of taking a called third strike will most likely lead to more weak ground balls when they could instead be on the verge of taking a walk.

One more writer that was offended by Dibble. --metsgrrl at

Deadspin of course weighs in with pretty much what is my view on the entire situation. --Katie Baker from

Rob Dibble of course had to apologize. He should apologize for making an unfunny joke. Back when Dibs pointed out polo shirt guy in Atlanta that was funny. It also didn't offend people in poloshirts. -- Rob Dibble at masnsports .com 

I spent all those words on Dibble and Steinberg's lastest entry is exactly what I wanted to say better than I said it. --Dan Steinberg The DC Sports Blog (editors note added 11:58 EST) 

No Rob Dibbles beyond this point.

Solis and Cole sign. --Jim Callis

Or did they. --Bill Ladson

Interesting feature on ladt minute negotiating. I tend to believe guys like Goldstien that the deals are done but just can't be announced, or MLB will get mad. --Jonathan Mayo at

It is fun when the Nationals are the focus of the national media, but hopefully this is the last year it is because of the first overall pick. --Jerry Crasnick

MLB thinking of moving up the deadline to fix the draft. How about making potential drafties from all over the world declare for the draft and then if they are drafted they sign for a set amount. --Jonathan Mayo

Bryce Harper will be the biggest news followed today, and tomorrow. If he doesn't sign it will be a PR nightmare for all sides involved. He is however just another brick in the wall in the Nationals future. --Adam Kilgore

A look into the crystal ball at how things might be if Bryce Harper doesn't sign. --Ben Goessling at 

Even Stephen Strasburg is weighing on on Bryce Harper. I personally like this a lot. Strasburg is showing unity with the team and it futher shows what a tough competitor he is. I like the fact that Strasburg throws inside and wants the hitters to know they are standing at his plate. --Mark Zuckerman

Now Zimmerman weighs in on Strasburg weighing in on Harper. Confused yet? --Adam Kilgore at

Jordan Zimmermann getting close to saving us from Jason Marquis. --Adam Kilgore 

Boras has an oddly close relationship with the Nationals. I am of the opinion that Scott Boras would make a pretty good GM. He has to be able to evaluate talent in order to be as good of an agent as he is. I also wonder if he has ever lost a client due to a misunderstanding between himself and a 14 year old boy's mother. --Thomas Boswell The Washington Post 

There were three games over the weekend and here is the story on the latest one. I don't think we want to revisit anything having to do with The Gamechanger. --Ben Goessling at

Jim Riggleman let Strasburg lead off the bottom of the 5th batting. At that point in time I am sure he intended for Strasburg to pitch the top of the 6th, but then forces outside his control changed his plans. --Ian Koski from

After the disheartening series against the Marlins Ben Goessling took a look at some players that have tortured our very souls.  I don't think he gives enough back breaking credit to Khalil Greene. --Ben Goessling

Around the NL East

Just one more little story about the disfunctional Mets. --AP via The Sporting News

General Baseball

Sometimes my mind gets very confused. So, with a 33% off coupon to Borders I went looking for a book that doesn't come out until October. I don't know how I get October and August confused with each other. --Jane Leavy at

This unlike the Rob Dibble thing is offensive and there is no misinterpretation. I do however wonder if Joe West will pull the fat card the next time a manager calls him turkey neck. --Jason Whitlock

If you aren't following Jose Conseco on Twitter then what is wrong with you. He challenges people to fights, blames everyone else for his problems, and is basically insane. This has to be one of his all time greatest hits. --Jose Conseco via

Striking guys out is the only way or even the best way for a pitcher to get outs. Bryan Smith

If you ever feel you are a hug baseball nerd just keep this article saved on your computer to remind yourself that there are bigger nerds out there. I know Kurkjian has been seen at Nationals games and he is one of the writers I would like to meet sometime in my life. I also wonder how much longer he will be at ESPN with the advent of MLB Network. --Tim Kurkjian

Joe Posnanski must never sleep. It seems everytime I turn around he has another quality article up somewhere. He is an amazing writer and it is great reading all his work about baseball. --Joe Posnanski at

As far as the nature of heart and clutchness go I think they have to exist. Some people are just better under pressure than other people, and some people are more willing to just ride natural ability than work hard to get better. To deny the existence of heart and clutchness is to deny human nature. We live in a highly cynical culture where if something cannot be measured it cannot exist. There will always exist things which cannot be measured. I also do not think that heart and clutchness can be the only abilities a player has. If two players however have equal stats, but one is known as a harder worker, teacher to teammates, and a guy that isn't bothered under pressure I would take him over the other player with the same stats. One of the Van Gundys had a great line during the NBA playoffs a couple years ago, "Players with talent get experienced, bad players just get old."