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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/19/10

Last night's game illustrated two points to me. The first was just another example of the deja vu we have suffered through all season, and the second point is this team is only a couple players away from another big improvement. I will make a fanpost about this in order to not take too much time explaining what I mean here.

Since most of my thoughts are going into a seperate post let's get to some links. First the story of last night's game and the ejection of Ryan Zimmerman. --Ben Goessling at

I think by now we are all aware that Zimmerman is good, but would he be your first pick if starting a franchise? --Dave Cameron

One of the reason's I volunteered to do this link grabbing post is that I read all this stuff anyway. I also spend a lot of time watching MLB Network and listenning to XM. So, when I told my friend to get ready to hear a lot about the Nationals this off-season he didn't believe me. He felt that most of the mainstream wouldn't be over the Natinals and back to back 100 lose seasons. Remember when the Rays came out of nowhere and Tom Verducci was the only one that called it? They don't want to miss the bandwagon again. The Nationals will be a trendy topic this off-season and in spring training.

A look back at last night's starter and the stat defying season he has had so far. --Adam Kilgore at

More news after the jump.

An update on Ross Detwiler. --Byron Kerr at

Famous people in Nats hats always a popular topic. Especially when they play in Philly. --Dan Steinberg The DC Sports Blog

A former Nat signs with another team. --Ben Nicholson-Smith

A look at the Nationals compared to other teams that have built through the draft. --Jeff Bergin from 

The Nationals might be looking for outfield help with Willingham on the DL and Morse struggling in an everyday role. Could a former Rockie be the answer? --Ben Goessling at

Around the NL East

Is hitting a women in the face worse than shooting yourself in the leg? An interesting look at sports' response to guns vs. domestic violence in the wake of the K-Rod situation. --Jeff Benedict at

The Braves get Derrek Lee in attempt to hold off the healthy and hard charging Phils. --Cliff Cororan from

General Baseball

And you thought Rob Dibble was a crazy homer. --Barry Petchesky

Has the time come for LA to move Manny? --Joe Sheehan

Has the time come for Torre to move from LA? --John Paul Morosi from

The Twins always seem to make their late season run when Morneau is out of the line-up. Is this an example of the Ewing effect? This article has nothing to do with any of that. I just wanted a chance to mention the Ewing effect. --Jeff Passan

This past draft highlighted the need for a hard slotting system in the draft, and it could be the big battle at the next CBA. --Maury Brown at

Some things in life just can't be explained. Like why does Dusty Baker always win? --Mark J. Miller at 

I am excited about todays game because we probably get to see Wilson Ramos for the first time. I am also not excited because John Lannan is pitching and I just have a bad feeling about this.