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Game 122: Offensive offense



  • Surprisingly non-awful: Jason Marquis (+13.9%) goes 5 IP with only 1 ER in spite of 4 BB and only 1 K.
  • Bat, we can do this: Ian Desmond (+7.7%) is the only Nationals hitting with positive WPA, going 3-5 with a double. His only RISP FAIL is arguably Listach's fault (sac fly not quite deep enough, although throw in was wild and runner would have scored).
  • Face of the FAIL: Ryan Zimmerman (-16.3%) flies into a DP when Desmond is trying to steal third on the pitch to kill a 7th-inning rally (-17.0%).
  • No runz allowed: Roger Bernadina (-14.6%) wins the other booby prize, with a bases-loaded, inning-ending GDP in the first (-14.3%).
  • So. Much. FAIL: The Nats lineup has a combined -77.0% WPA, going 0-11 with RISP with 12 LOB.