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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/23/10

Either the Phillies fans' reputation is overblown, I went on a Sunday and that is family day, or it is just a small sample size. Most of the people I sat around and talked to at the ballpark were nice. Some local Philly resident stopped me on the way to Pat's and we had a discussion on Strasburg's health, organizational philosophy, and Riggleman's past. I am generally against conversations with total strangers, but in both Philly and Cleveland I have run into total strangers very willing to discuss baseball (they started the conversations as I normally want nothing to do with either people I don't know or conversations). The only time total strangers in this area have ever talked to me about baseball it was to repeat negative things the sports radio people have said (I am really not sure how this one guy was so convinced that the Navy Yard Station was two miles from the ballpark in Febuary of 2008, but he was), or to express something about how the Nationals did against their alleged hometown team.  

Enough of my babbling. Important and terrible things happenned this weekend, and Boswell has the solution. No matter what the MRI shows shut Strasburg down. Of course if this is just his body getting use to the added work load and he is shut down then will he ever pitch 200 innings? --Thomas Boswell from The Washington Post

I was very suprised they even tried to restart the game yesterday, but they did and the Phillies finished the shutout. I don't think we should have been shutout and I think it should have been a tie game at one point. I really wish this team could drive in a runner from third with less than two outs. This is just something that major league players have to be able to do. It is basic fundamental baseball. I know some people on the far end of the stat spectrum are against trading an out for anything, but I would think even the most hardnosed stat lover would admit it is better to get an out and a run than an out and nothing.  --Ben Goessling at

By now we all know that Willingham's season was over, but did we know that it still might be his best season to date? If he can just stay healthy he could help this team quite a bit. I also wonder why people don't listen to the words coming out of Rizzo's mouth. The plan for Adam Dunn is to resign him, not draft picks. --Jack Moore at 

I promise to not write a paragraph with every link after the jump.

Scott Olsen is now making $100,000.00 with every start, but the Nationals will stick with him to see if he could contribute next year. --Mark Zuckerman from

I am sure some already know, but for those that don't here is a review of how Yunesky Maya did at class A. With some dissection that goes beyond the box score. --Adam Kilgore

The Nationals must like it in lovely Syracuse, New York (I have actually heard it is quite nice in the summer especially if you like river activities), because they have decided to stay an extra couple years. --Adam Kilgore at

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. I said I would like to know more about Tom Milone and a blogger from the Harrisburg Senators sent me a link to his blog about Tom Milone. Now every one can learn about the next control lefty to be called the next Tom Glavine. --Max Power (aka Homer Simpson) from

The draft happenned all the way back in June, and the signing deadline was last monday night, but it is never too late to be reminded that we won the draft. Of course I wouldn't mind winning some games before the season ends. -- Bryan Smith from

I am sure by know you know this. Zimmerman is good at defense, and Dunn hits with power. I am just currious about the excitement tool. How exactly is this tool measured. Is it the loudness of the cheers when the players is introduced, or number of mentions in the media. It would be easier to mock if the most exciting players weren't Carl Crawford and Albert Pujols since they are also very good at the game of baseball.

This has nothing to do with baseball, but this food can be eaten at Nats Park so I am putting it here. This is very, very important news and could settle some debates. Personally it is no contest to me as I would rank my top five burgers as Five Guys, Elevation, In N Out, Fat Burger, and Ray's Hell Burger. --Paula Forbes from

Nats middle relievers don't quite live like Redskins defensive stars. An interesting journey in pitchers through the living spaces of Nats relievers and a Redskins big name defensive player (not that one). --Dan Steinberg The DC Sports Bog

I have been wondering now for awhile why there is just a hole in the ground across from Nats Park. It was explained to me because Lehman Bros own that land. Well maybe the news that other projects are starting back up will be enough to get the ball rolling. Really it has to. There are already apartments open in the area, but nowhere for these people to eat. People need to eat. Restaurants have to follow apartments. --Mike Prada

Around the NL East

The Braves can't sit around and wait for the Phillies to catch them. They had to be proactive instead of reactive in fending off the Phillies charge. --Tracy Ringolsby from

General Baseball

I am not so sure about the lure of gambling being the main problem with a baseball team in Vegas. There is a casino less than two miles from Miller Park. Vegas isn't really about the gambling. It is just one part of the equation, and I would travel to Vegas to watch baseball, but it would only be part of the weekend. --'Duk from  

We know the draft is broken. Are is it? Maybe it just needs some tweaking, and isn't really as broken as people think. --Kevin Goldstein

Jim Thome will most likely get to 600 HR next season, and through it all he has been one of the most underrated players in baseball. --Alex Remington at

Maybe we should have given Elijah Dukes a little extra time. His old running buddy and fellow troublemaker is putting it all together for the Twins. --Ken Rosenthal at

In a bit of news that might not be news successful business people don't like to spend money unwisely. I am suprised I haven't linked to this site sooner as it is one of the best baseball sites out there. Former player and Nat killer Morgan Ensberg has turned blogger and is trying to educate the masses about baseball. I wish he would expand on what he said about how playing winning baseball isn't about the stats. I am sure in many ways it isn't, but telling us how it isn't would be nice. --Morgan Ensberg at

The full extent of what this all means is not yet known, but here is a brief overview on some finacial documents that have leaked to the public. We will have to wait and see what the extent of the profits made are before passing judgment as I am sure most people with common sense would say even small market teams should ab allowed to make money. --Maury Brown

Oh and there was this other bit of news from over the weekend about some manager retiring or something like that. On a serious note although I am always shocked when I find out that 65 year olds have mothers I wish Lou Piniella the best in his life after baseball. I am sure have he deals with his family issues we will see him in a broadcast booth, or maybe this is a real retirement and he will watch his grandkids grow up and live a nice quite life. Whatever he decides to do I wish Sweet Lou luck and happiness with it. --Ken Rosenthal at

I am sure the Strasburg MRI results are out right now and I will look and see them and people will wonder why they aren't in here. I am sure there will be plenty of news on it tomorrow, but for today duty calls and once I schedule this thing I might not be heard from again today. It promises to be a busy one. Anyway I hope the Nationals do there best to make the Cubs miss Lou Piniella.