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Game 126: Wake me for the end.



  • Oops x 2: John Lannan (-25.8%) goes 5 innings and fans 3, walking none, with two pitches he probably wants back: a three-run HR in the 2nd (-17.7%) and a 2-run shot in the 4th (-13.6%).
  • Early rally-killer: Adam Dunn (-5.4%) hits into the inning-ending GDP in the first with runners on the corners (-11.1%)
  • Late rally: Adam Kennedy (+4.9%) has a bases-clearing double to bring the Nats within one in the bottom of the 9th (+10.0%).
  • Rally FAIL: Ryan Zimmerman (-0.9%) flies out to end the game (-15.0%).
  • Unlikely WPA batting leader: John Lannan (+6.2%) is 0-0 with a sac bunt ROE.
  • Likely WPA batting trailer: Nyjer Morgan (-13.9%) is 1-5 with 5 LOB, and possibly the awesomest defensive-indifference I've seen all season (jogging to third when the shift was on against Dunn--as the pitcher stepped off and watched him).