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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/25/10

At the very end after I have writen everything else I will include a special section for all the drivel on Dibble. I am just tired of it. Dibble is no different than a guy like Santo or Hawk, and I get the feeling he doesn't like Steinberg because he is nerdy and Steinberg doesn't like him because he is macho. It is just a bunch of 3rd grade BS from both ends.

On to baseball. I really liked both Goessling's and Zuckerman's game stories today. They framed their stories around two completely different aspects of the game, but were writing about the same game. Really read both of them and see if it feels like it was the same game. It is one of the tuly great things about baseball. Two people can watch the same thing and see two completely different things. --Ben Goessling from and Mark Zuckerman from

Rizzo's main goal this season was to rebuild the bullpen, and in many ways he has succeeded. --Adam Kilgore at

The Adam Dunn debate is an interesting one. Here is my real fear. Adam Dunn walks away and this team gets younger and pushes the date for contention back from 2012 to 2013. Now let's say they fail in 2013 and Zimmerman is tired of playing for a team that is stuck in a losing mindset, and he walks away. Now contention is set back even further. Adam Dunn might have his flaws, and he is most likely a roll player on a good team, but this team is closer with Adam Dunn than without him. The Cubs know they would be closer with Adam Dunn. --Tim Dierkes

This question might seem like tampering if it came from a person with the team, but an innocent journalist asking how Adam Dunn would like playing in Wrigley? Nope that is fine. Do any of you think any of our reporters would go up to Baltimore and ask Carl Crawford if he would like to play in DC? --Gordon Wittenmyer from The Chicago Sun-Times

If the Nationals don't resign Adam Dunn could Carlos Pena be the replacement? --Ben Goessling 

More news on the Nationals and Strasburg after the jump.  

Earlier this week we learned a little more about Tom Milone. Now it is time to learn about another Nats prospect that has flown under the radar. Meet Daniel Rosenbaum. --Adam Kilgore at

Last weekend I went up to Philadelphia. On my way there I passed Aberdeen, Md and was impressed by Ripken Stadium. The lure was great. Yesterday I looked up to see when their next homestand was, and it turned out this weekend they were playing the Vermont Lake Monsters. Unfortunately the Aberdeen Ironbirds are extremely popular and I ended up buying standing room only tickets for a short season minor league game. As for our other minor league affiliates. Two are renewed and more might soon be on the way with a slight snag in the GLC. --Ben Goessling at

Speaking of the minor leagues and upcoming prospects. I am going to have this framed and put on my wall, and anytime my wife wants to dispute me on a situation I will point to this and say, "Even Bill Ladson says I am right." --Bill Ladson via Twitter in response to me saying I would prefer Espinosa over O-dog.

I am very much a guy, and if no one pointed this out to me I might have never noticed, but the press box at Nats Park has been painted blue. --Cheryl Nichols at

Strasburg is still hurt and those that don't like pitch counts will use this to stand on their soap box and preach. --Dan Steinberg The DC Sports Bog

While others will point out the simple fact that pitchers get hurt. It is part of what they do.  --Joe Posnanski from

We knew that Strasburg was bringing in the money, but how much money is it exactly? A breakdown of what Strasburg has meant to the team finacially. --Darren Rovell at

This week has gotten off to a pretty rough start. In order to brighten everyone's mood on a cloudy, chilly day here is a look back at the five worst moments in Nats history. --Mark Zuckerman

Around the NL East

Dan Uggla wants what? He has been one of the best hitting 2B in baseball, but his fielding leaves much to be desired and he can only get older. Oh and Chris Coghlan is really a 2B. --Tim Dierkes

There is one reason more than any other that extra long extra innings games are fun, and it is the weird stuff you might see. Like Felipe Lopez pitching or Roy Oswalt in left field. --David Brown at

This article is well writen and I like Jeff Passan, but not sure the swipe at us is needed. Especially because the amount he is decrying the Marlins for withholding is the exact amount our owners put in, which he gets wrong, or right, but the improvements the Lerners paid for weren't just the parking garages. --Jeff Passan at and 2008 article by Aviva Kempner at

Hey look the Mets might do something smart. I hope they don't fire Omar. Mostly because I like the watch the Mets suffer. --Jon Heyman at

General Baseball

I don't know much about Detroit or Boston, but if given a choice I think I would rather go to Boston. Of course the people there haven't insulted me in a very ugly manner. --Lee Jenkins 

I have openly wondered about espn continuing to have any ability to cover baseball in the future. Peter Gammons bolted for MLB Network the first chance he had, and I am sure Kurkjian, Stark, and Neyer aren't far behind. That will mean they will be left with form Blue Jays GMs and Colin Cowherd. Cliff Lee probably likes Cowherd as much as former Blue Jays GMs think Adam Dunn likes baseball. --Evan Brunell from

Should the Brewers have traded Prince Fielder to a big market team? Of course they should have. These lowly small market teams only exist to produce future Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs. What I don't understand is if Fielder's value is falling then couldn't the Brewers just resign him? The game I went to up there was sold out and the Brewers already had over 1.8 million attendence for the year (July series vs. Nationals). Milwaukee might be a small market, but the Brewers are making enough money to resign Fielder. --Ken Rosenthal

Do former players get on your nerves covering the game of baseball? Sometimes I admit it annoys me too. That is of course until they do the diamond demo segment on MLB Tonight. That is some interesting stuff. Stats are only one part of understanding the game of baseball, and while I agree with Carroll that it would be nice if the players dug a little deeper into the stat side I still enjoy their usefulness in breaking down things like Josh Hamilton's toe tap. In the question of who, what, when, where, why, and how stats are only 1/5 of the answer. --Will Carroll at

In the wake yesterday of Dibble saying he didn't like us ill informed bloggers and wanted to take our lunch money an interesting study came out that said teams just don't turst independent bloggers. I actually understand this somewhat. Or more I understand why they would give bloggers entrance to the press box, but not to the clubhouse. There is a certain code in baseball that what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. A beat reporter has to go back to the clubhouse if they break this code. If they don't, they lose their job. A blogger is constrained by no such rules. This code has been broken before like when Brian Schneider threw the chair. Of course when the beat reporter went back to the clubhouse Schneider was none to happy and reportedly lit into him. Mainstream reporters break this code all the time, but the players get the chance to vent at them. With a blogger that never has to enter the clubhouse again the player might never get this chance. That is just my theory anyway. --Maury Brown

Of course there is a lot of gray area as to who exactly is a blogger. I think of both Goessling and Zuckerman as beat reporters, but they both write mainly on the internet. Are they bloggers? --Dan Levy from

Drivel on Dibble

First off Will Carroll warns not to discount what Dibble is saying just because it is Dibble saying it. --Will Carroll via Twitter

I think some of the dislike over Dibble is the confusion over color man and analyst. I think of Dibble as a color guy there to add entertainment and not an analyst there to add insight. The only way to really have both is a three man booth. The defense of Dibble as entertaining. --DangerNat at

Now if you dislike Dibble and think he is an evil bully this link is for you. I have met Dibble in person at Crystal City Sports Pub and although we interupted his dinner he was quite nice and I saw no reason to think of him as a bully. Albeit my meeting him is a small sample size. --MissChatter at

Maybe Marquis will step it up tonight against his former team. I hope so. I would really hate to be swept by the Cubs. Especially with all the bandwagon Cubs fans in the house. Maybe I will ask one of them tonight what goes into a Chicago style hot dog, what cut of meat to use when making Italian Beef, or what line of the EL drops of at Addison Street in Wrigleyville.