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Wire Taps: Other Teams Might Want Adam Dunn, Do The Washington Nationals?

(continued from earlier post)...

Chicago Sun-Times' writer Gordon Wittenmyer wrote on Tuesday (8/24) in an article entitled, "Adam Dunn's a Wrigley fan", about the Nats' big middle-of-the-order bat, Adam Dunn, who was quoted by the Sun Times' writer stating that the Cubs' iconic ivy-walled home, "'[Wrigley Field's] obviously one of my favorite parks to hit in...I've always really enjoyed playing there.'" Although Dunn's not quoted explicitly saying so, Mr. Wittenmyer writes that, "Dunn is willing to talk if the Washington Nationals don't make a strong push to get him signed to an extension before he becomes a free agent in the fall." Cubs' third baseman Aramis Ramirez said in another article by Mr. Wittenmyer on August 10th entitled, "Zambrano still the man in the middle", that if the Cubs were to spend this winter, the Nats' 40/100 threat might be a good investment, since Chicago was in the process of freeing up cash before they'd even dealt first baseman Derrek Lee to Atlanta, "Adam Dunn would fit anybody's lineup. But they're going to have to spend a lot of money to get Adam Dunn.'' 

In an article this morning by Detroit News' sports writer Bob Wojnowski entitled, "Johnny Damon: I'm not jumping ship", the Tigers' outfielder explains his decision not to accept a move back to Boston after the Red Sox claimed their World Series hero in an attempt to bring him back to Fenway as they battle to make it a three-way race for the AL East crown. Damon's reportedly decided that he doesn't want to return to Boston, and the veteran outfielder says he'd like to come back to Detroit: 

"'I hope I'm back, I've made that clear, but there obviously are no promises,' Damon said. 'I understand the team wants to figure out who they're going to pursue. I don't know if they're going after (Tampa Bay's) Carl Crawford or (Washington's) Adam Dunn or whoever, but I understand the process.'"

Adam Dunn's made clear in the past that he doesn't want to become a DH in the AL, so if he doesn't return to D.C., a move to the Cubs would seem more likely than the 30-year-old slugger becoming a Tiger, but with obvious interest out there, even if it's only other players mentioning his name, will Dunn still be motivated to sign with the Nats when they've so far been unwilling to commit to the sort of deal that will keep him in DC?