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Game 127: Vintage Marquis dragged down by vintage Nats

Tonight's game report: Nationals get swept in 4-0 Shutout.



  • Awesomely like old times: Jason Marquis (+45.9%) goes 7.1 IP with only 1 ER on 2 Ks and 3 BBs, getting grounder after grounder.
  • Unsettlingly like old times: Jason Marquis (+2.2%) leads a mostly absent Nats offense by going 1-1 with a sacrifice.  The rest of the order combines for -56.1% WPA.
  • Agonizingly like old times: Tyler Clippard (-40.4%) squanders the strong start by cashing in an inherited runner on an RBI double (-21.6%) then giving up a 2-run HR (-19.1%) to seal the DOOM.