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Game 128: J-Zim returns; drama, bonus Pres. race ensue



  • Rough outing: Jordan Zimmermann (-35.1%) strikes out 4 and walks 1 in 4 IP, but doesn't miss enough bats and gives up 4 ER.
  • Rougher outing: Drew Storen (-54.3%) takes a two-run lead into the 9th, gives up an RBI double (-33.1%), then ties the game on a bases-loaded HBP (-25.1%).  Sean Burnett (-0.4%) cashes in two of his inherited runners on an RBI single to put the Nats behind (-23.3%).
  • Heroic: Roger Bernadina (+37.9%) is 2-6 with a two-run shot to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth after the bullpen let it slip away (+47.1%).
  • Bat, we can do this: Ian Desmond (+21.9%) hits a two-run single for the early lead in the 3rd (+18.1%), as well as the walkoff single to that won it in the 13th (+17.2%).
  • TEH CLUTCH: Alberto Gonzalez (+23.4%) is 2-3 after entering as a defensive replacement, sparking the rallies in front of Bernie's and Desi's critical hits.