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Game 106: Livo's Magic Eephus Ball sez "Win Likely"



  • Wily veteran is wily: Livan Hernandez (+29.1%) taunts us with the CG, but goes 7.1 IP with 5 Ks and only 1 BB, giving 1 ER on the outing.
  • Jaunty journeyman is jaunty: Sean Burnett (+29.2%) gets a five-out save, fanning two in 1.2 innings of perfect relief, including a critical strikeout with two on and one out in the aeyth (+9.8%).
  • THIS! IS! NATSTOWN! Ivan Rodriguez (+9.1%) gets his 300th home run (as a catcher--he has one or two as a DH) to give the Nationals the eventual winning run (+9.0%).
  • KONG SMASH! Adam Dunn (+2.8%) jacks his own dinger (+10.3%) to keep from being shown up by Pudge.