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Game 132: A good night in Sun Life Stadiu_



  • Life imitates The Onion:  Ryan Zimmerman (+26.2%) blasts a titantic three-run dinger off the facing of the upper deck, knocking out the 'm' in 'stadium' and giving the Nats the lead in the 3rd (+22.7%).
  • Interesting: Jason Marquis (+1.2%) goes 5.2 IP, dancing in and out of trouble and giving up a first-inning dinger to go behind (-9.7%) as well as two-run shot in the 6th to let the Fish get within one (-18.7%).
  • Weak: Adam Dunn (+25.1%) hits his own three-run shot to the deepest part of comically-shaped Sun Life Stadiu_, but it doesn't even hit any scoreboards (+11.9%).
  • P2K > P2C: The bullpen combines for 9 strikeouts in 3.1 IP, with 1 BB and +7.8% WPA (Marquis had 1 K in his outing).