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Game 107: Remember last night's game? Good times.



  • Ouch: Scott Olsen (-21.5%) derails a promising outing by giving up a 3-run bomb as a tiebreaker (-27.8%).  He ends up with 5 ER, 3 Ks and 1 BB in 5.1 IP.
  • Scattered offense: Ryan Zimmerman (+11.4%) and Josh Willingham (+10.5%) are 4-7 with a walk and a HR.
  • Concentrated outs: Ian Desmond (-16.1%), Mike Morse (-14.2%) and Ivan Rodriguez (-10.8%) are 0-10 with 3 GDPs and 10 LOB.
  • Dangerously wild: Collin Balester (+0.1%) walks two, strikes out one, and hits a batter in the head in a cringe-inducing 0.2 innings of relief.  Fix your control, Collin.