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Adam Dunn Hits Two HR's, Washington Nationals Win 7-2 Over Arizona Diamondbacks. #signDunn

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"Most Nationals fans are happy that the organization kept Adam Dunn at the deadline. One fan who isn't explores what moving Dunn could have accomplished."

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. SHAKE N BAKE!!! D-Backs' right-hander Ian Kennedy throws high fastballs by Roger Bernadina and Adam Kennedy but when he tries that with Ryan Zimmerman, Kennedy gives up a ground-rule double to left and when he throws a high heater to Adam Dunn it gets demolished!! DEEEEEEEEEP to right and a dozen rows back, 2-0 Nats after a half in Chase Field. 

4. Roger Bernadina Wants To Play: Starting in place of Nyjer Morgan who's having issues with his hip, Roger Bernadina K's swinging in his first at bat, but strokes a single to right the second time up against D-Backs' right-hander Ian Kennedy. Bernadina's running, and he steals second on Kennedy and Arizona C Miguel Montero. Adam Kennedy singles off Ian Kennedy and Bernadina scores, 3-1 Nats. Leadoff walk in the fifth. Opposite field single in the seventh, and another run scored on another RBI hit by Adam Kennedy. Roger Bernadina wants to play, 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 runs scored.

3. SHAKE N BAKE!!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Adam Dunn leads off the Nats' fourth with his second HR of the game off Ian Kennedy. The D-Backs' right-hander tries to come inside and high with a 1-2 fastball to the Nats' big middle-of-the-order bat, who sends this one even deeper to right than his 1st inning HR. Towering blast for Dunn who takes the NL lead in dingers from the Reds' Joey Votto with his second blast. 4-1 Nats. 

2. Stammen's Friend Miguel: Nats' right-hander Craig Stammen's in and out of trouble all night. After the Nats take a 2-0 lead in the top of the first, Stammen gives up a leadoff walk, single and sac fly to cut the lead in half, and only a DP grounder by Miguel Montero saves Stammen from further damage in the first. After giving up a leadoff single and walk in the third, Stammen gets back-to-back grounders from Adam LaRoche and Miguel Montero, who's second DP ends the inning. 8 groundouts, 1 flyout, 100 pitches, 59 strikes in 5.1 IP over which Stammen allows 6 hits, 1 ER and 4 walks while recording 6 K's. Not pretty, but effective.

1. Q: Whose the leader of the club that's made for you and me?" - souldrummer, A: Danny Espinosa?: I don't dare do this without mentioning Michael Morse's 7th HR of the season, which he sends out to center about 410ft from home, but that's right, we're reaching down to the minor leagues for tonight's No.1: Danny Espinosa hits three HR's against the Binghamton Mets in NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton, NY. The third HR is the game-winner, a two-run blast in the top of the 10th to put the Senators up 5-3. Espinosa's got 18 HR's on the year now, with a .262/.334/.464 slash line in 99 games and 386 at bats. Sorry Morse and Dunn, but Espo's the future and no.1 today.

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Num Name - Comments
1 Mevans12 - 176
2 grizzy - 111
3 lynxtheone - 106
4 Doghouse -95
5 souldrummer - 85
6 MissB - 60
7 RobBobS - 60
8 Nationalpastime9 - 58
9 Jorgath - 28
10 Doncosmic - 22


• Final Score: Nats 7, D-Backs 2.

Nationals now 48-60.


1 - Nats' leadoff man Roger Bernadina chases a 2-2 fastball up and out of the zone for a swinging strike three. Adam Kennedy K's swinging through another high heater. D-Backs' right-hander Ian Kennedy throws a high fastball to Ryan Zimmerman, who drives it over the wall in left on one hop. Adam Dunn goes DEEEEEP!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Dunn's 27th goes out over the right field wall and deeeeep into the stands, 2-0 Nats. Josh Willingham flies out to left to end the Nats' first...Craig Stammen walks the D-Backs' leadoff man, Chris Young. Kelly Johnson works the count full and lines to right for a single that sends Young around to third. Justin Upton takes a hanging curve to right for an RBI sac and a 2-1 game. Adam LaRoche goes opposite field for a one-out single. Miguel Montero grounds to second, Adam Kennedy to Alberto Gonzalez to Dunn at first, double play. 

2- Michael Morse singles to start the second but he's thrown out going for second on a botched hit and run. Morse spikes Stephen Drew as he's tagged out. Mark Reynolds throws out Pudge Rodriguez. Alberto Gonzalez grounds back to the mound, 2-1 Nats in the second...Mark Reynolds K's swinging over a bender from Stammen. Stephen Drew K's swinging over a diving sinker for out no.2. Ryan Church doubles off the wall in center and comes in standing at second. Craig Stammen walks the opposing pitcher. Chris Young grounds into a force at second, 2-1 Nats after two. 

3 - Craig Stammen grounds out. Roger Bernadina strokes one, a line drive single to right. Bernadina swipes second. Adam Kennedy lines to center and Bernie scores from second, 3-1 Nats. Ryan Zimmerman grounds to second, Kelly Johnson to Stephen Drew and over to LaRoche, inning-ending DP...Kelly Johnson lines to left to start the D-Backs' third. Johnson beats Pudge's throw to second. Stammen walks Justin Upton, two on for LaRoche. Stammen gets a slow grounder to short, Gonzalez gets the force at second, but LaRoche reaches first safely. Miguel Montero grounds to the mound, Stammen to Gonzalez to Dunn, double play. 

4 - Adam Dunn goes deeeeep again!! SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Dunn gets hold of another fastball from Kennedy and he's got 28 on the year. 3-1 Nats. Ian Kennedy gets Josh Willingham swinging. Stephen Drew throws out Michael Morse for the second out of the frame. Pudge Rodriguez and Alberto Gonzalez hit back-to-back two-out singles. First and third. Stammen grounds out to third...Stammen gets Mark Reynolds swinging but gives up a one-out single to center by Stephen Drew. Ryan Church walks with one down. Bobby Crosby K's looking, two down. Chris Young grounds one back up the middle, Alberto Gonzalez fields and flips with his glove for the force. 

5 - Roger Bernadina takes a high fastball inside for ball four. Jordan Norberto on for Ian Kennedy. Adam Kennedy battles Norberto for 10 pitches and flies out to center. Ryan Zimmerman sends a single through second and into center. Adam Dunn grounds to second, Kelly Johnson to Stephen Drew to LaRoche, double play...Stammen strikes Kelly Johnson out with three pitches. Stammen gets another groundout from Justin Upton and gets a fly ball to center from LaRoche to end the fifth. 4-1 Nats. 

6 - Josh Willingham swings over a sinking fastball inside. Michael Morse takes a one-out walk from D.J. Carrasco. Pudge Rodriguez pops up, two down. Alberto Gonzalez flies out to end the top of the sixth...Stammen vs Montero. Line drive single to right.. Stammen gets Mark Reynolds swinging for the third time. Doug Slaten strikes out Stephen Drew. Ryan Church K's too, Slaten's dominant. 

7 - Willie Harris grounds out to first. Roger Bernadina goes the other way with a one-out single to left. Adam Kennedy strokes a double to left that gets past Church, Bernie scores, 5-1 Nats. Ryan Zimmerman walks with one down. Blaine Boyer takes over against Dunn. Adam Dunn singles through the shift to score Kennedy, 6-1 Nats. Josh WIllingham grounds to short, Drew to Johnson to LaRoche. 6-1 Nats...Joel Peralta pops Augie Ojeda up to left. One down. Chris Young grounds out to second for out no.2. Kelly Johnson hits a two-out single to center. Justin Upton flies to center to end the the eighth. 

8 - MIKE MORSE GOES DEEEP TO CENTER!! Esmerling Vasquez gets tagged. 7-1 Nats. Ivan Rodriguez K's swinging. Alberto Gonzalez pops out to short. Willie Harris K's swinging....Adam LaRoche takes Joel Peralta deeep to left, not as deep as Dunn's, just sayin'. 7-2 Nats. Miguel Montero K's swinging at a high 3-2 heater. Rusty Ryal flies out to Justin Maxwell. Two down. Stephen Drew battles and walks with two down. Sean Burnett vs Ryan Church, swinging K to end the eighth.

9 - Roger Bernadinda flies out to left. Adam Kennedy grounds out to the mound. Zim takes a two-out walk. Adam Dunn grounds to Heilman on the hill...Tyler Clippard comes out. Pinch hitter John Hester K's swinging. Chris Young lines a sharp single to left. Stephen Drew grounds to second, Alberto Gonzalez to Ian Desmond to Adam Kennedy at first, double play.