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Game 109: Dibble + Jageler = Jinxers



  • Can't do it alone: Ryan Zimmerman (+11.4%) jacks two solo shots.
  • Need some baserunners: Also joining the solo dinger club tonight are Roger Bernadina (+1.0%) and Adam Kennedy (+3.2%), whose third-inning blast puts the Nationals within one (+9.4%)
  • OM NOM NOM: Josh Willingham (-5.0%), Mike Morse (-12.4%) and AK feed the GDP Monster to the tune of -23.5% WPA.
  • Good news for Stammen? Ross Detwiler (-30.1%) goes 4 IP and gets beaten around for 7 runs, 4 earned with 2 BBs and 5 Ks. Thanks, Nats defense!
  • Promising: Collin Balester (-2.6%) cashes in both inherited runners, but collects 5 Ks in 2 IP with only one walk, including a circus WP-K that scores a run when Wil Nieves (-12.4%) fails to throw to first on the play (-2.9%).