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Wire Taps: Adam Dunn Claimed...Who Dunn It?

• LINKS: Last Night's Nats' Loss, And Updates On Nyjer Morgan, Adam Dunn and Jordan Zimmerman.

• Oakland Tribune sports writer Andrew Baggarly is reporting in an article at entitled, "San Francisco Giants discuss acquiring Jose Guillen", that in response to reports stating that an unnamed team has placed on waiver claim on the Washington Nationals' big middle-of-the-order bat, Adam Dunn, the San Francisco Giants, who were rumored to be in the market for the Nats' slugger before the July 31st Non-Waiver Trade Deadline, are said to be having "internal discussions" about pursuing the Royals' DFA'd outfielder Jose Guillen since, "Club sources confirmed the Giants put in a claim on Dunn, but indications were that another NL team lower in the standings blocked them."

The Giants have the fourth-best record in the National League, so that leaves eleven other teams, excluding the Nats, and including the Colorado Rockies who trail San Francisco by 5.5 in the NL Wild Card standings and are 7.5 behind the NL West-leading San Diego Padres in the NL West.'s Buster Olney wrote earlier this week in an article entitled, "Adam Dunn expected to draw interest", that, "The wide expectation among some executives," is that, " NL team like the Colorado Rockies or San Francisco Giants will be awarded a claim on Dunn." 

Mr. Olney also writes, however, that the 30-year-old Texan, " expected to draw interest from many of the same teams that tried to trade for him this summer," but Dunn and his agent though the same last time he hit the market, and the Nats were the team that signed him with few other teams that didn't want him to transition toward the DH role willling to give the then-29-year-old slugger more than the two-year deal Dunn's friend and then-DC-GM Jim Bowden lured him to the nation's capital with, which payed the 40/100 threat $20M over two years. Dunn is reportedly looking for a four-year deal this time around, though as has been mentioned repeatedly, he'd reportedly consider a three-year deal...can't the Nats and Dunn just accept each other already? What are the Rockies or any other team that claimed him going to offer the Nats to top the likes of the White Sox' Gordon Beckham or the Giants' Madison Bumgarner of Jonathan Sanchez, all players that the current GM, Mike Rizzo, has reportedly asked for in return?

• One More Thing: Was there a deal in place for the White Sox to flip Edwin Jackson to the Washington Nationals in a deadline deal for Adam Dunn?'s Jon Morosi talked to Chicago's GM Ken Williams this week and asked the general manager who says that he informed Jackson after he was acquired from Arizona that in Mr. Williams' words, "It is not in my mind to move you. I got you to pitch here. But I ain’t going to make you any promises, either. Because I don’t make nobody promises," and then Williams gives a winking nod to the rumor mill, stating that if he was going to deal Jackson to "another team" he wouldn't have told him to come to Chicago when the deal was done: 

"'I’d have kept him in New York. That’s where they (the Diamondbacks) were. It’s closer to Washington."