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Nationals News: A tough loss for Ross Detwiler

  Ross Detwiler has been a victim of poor play by the Nats' defense, which put him in situations he wouldn't otherwise be in. Last night, he had to pitch through two errors, one each by Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman.

  Jason Marquis is scheduled to start on Sunday, his first major league start since having bone chips removed from his elbow in May. The Nats hope he's a piece of the long-term starting rotation puzzle.

  The Nationals managed to hit four solo home runs last night, but couldn't secure the win thanks to three fielding errors that ended up costing four runs.

  Nyjer Morgan was placed on the DL yesterday over his objections. This move means we'll likely get to see an outfield of Michael Morse, Roger Bernadina and Josh Willingham.

  Tyler Moore, currently at A Potomac, hit two home runs yesterday, but is still very raw as a batter -- he currently sports just a .293 on-base percentage.

  Willie Harris got a hit off of Stephen Strasburg in his simulated game, and showboated a bit. Check it out.

  Danny Espinosa hit three home runs on Wednesday, and Byron Kerr sat down with him to talk about his great night.