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Wire Taps: San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman - LA Dodgers Awarded Claim?

Just a quick note on the update provided by San Francisco Chronicle writer Henry Schulman in a blog post entitled, "Giants not awarded waiver claim on Dunn; It probably was the Dodgers", this afternoon. According to Mr. Schulman, who admits in the article that it's just, " educated guess based on some things I heard around the league," he believes the Los Angeles Dodgers have claimed Adam Dunn after he was placed on waivers by the Washington Nationals earlier this week, in an attempt to block both the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies from even having an opportunity of landing the big slugger the Nats failed to deal before the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline passed on July 31st. "The Dodgers' chances of winning the division are slim," Mr. Schulman writes, "...but there are a number of teams ahead of them in the wild-card standings who could have used Dunn, particularly the Giants and Phillies." As usual still no word from the Nats.

• BTW:'s Jon Heyman quotes an unnamed baseball executive, in his article entitled, "MLB executives assess teams' performances at trade deadline", who says that, "...What [the Nationals] did with (Adam) Dunn is a sin. They had the most attractive trade piece and kept him."

Nats vs Dodgers tonight at 10:00 pm EST: This waiver claim story might come up again during the broadcast....