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Nationals Daily Evolutions 8/9/10

John Quinn has moved on to bigger and better things. I am sure we all wish him luck with his new column. I hope I can be as good as he was with your daily Nats clippings. I am sure some of you have read my fanposts and I am excited to join the Federal Baseball community and hope I can add as much as Quinn has. Without further ado here is the news from this past weekend. This is my first time so any criticism is appreciated. I am always looking to improve and this is really about what you, the community, want to read.

Jason Marquis did not have a good return and Wil Nieves likes breaking balls. -- Ben Goessling reports from

Agree with it or not all signs from management point towards trying to contend as soon as next year. If they really believe Stammen is more valuable out of the bullpen then why not get him used to it as soon as possible? Detwiler also headed to the DL with what he hopes is just scar tissue. --Adam Kilgore from

When you take resigning Dunn off the table and figure it is all about saving money this makes a lot of sense. --Ken Rosenthal

Balester hit with a demotion as Strasburg is set to return.'s Bill Ladson and Chris Cox

NEWS everyone. Ben Goessling believes Harper is likely to sign and that it goes down to the deadline. Also Harper won't have the immediate impact of Stephen Strasburg. --Ben Goessling

While others are playing out the string August is very important to these Nats. Of course we should all remember the cautionary tales of Nook Logan, Wily Mo Pena, and maybe even Nyjer Morgan (see below). --Mark Zuckerman

At least poor Nyjer Morgan is nominated for something. Joe Posnanski is my favorite baseball writer out there. He uses more advanced metrics than most mainstream writers, but at the same time never forgets the soul of the game. Nyjer has been downright dreadful this season, but we aren't really trapped with him. He isn't under any sort of long term deal and I believe he might even still have options. --Joe Posnanski

Nationals aquire AAA utility infielder. Most likely to replace the recently called up Kevin Mench.--Zach Links

Danny Espinosa homers in his first AAA game and other exciting news from the Nationals minor leagues. I am really looking forward to seeing some of these guys in either September or Spring Training. I think Ramos and Espinosa can contribute as soon as next year, and with a little more production from both catcher and second (whether it is Espy or Desi) this would be a much better team. --Brian Oliver

News from around the NL East

Injury added to insult in Chris Coghlan's sophmore slump season. He has been playing better for the past couple months. The Marlins still have a good line-up even without him in it. wire report

Phillies fans really love their beer, or maybe it is just the bottle or yeah I don't know. Just remember this next time they bring the buses down. --Brian Hickey

An always interesting read as one Braves fan gives his view looking down at the rest of the division. How much longer they are looking down might be in question as the Phillies are closing, and Utley will be returning soon. I long for the day where the Nationals aren't playing spoiler for one team, but are keeping all the teams out of the post-season by making it ourselves. --royhobbs

General Baseball News

Rays almost no hit again. This time by Brandon Morrow. --Jordan Bastian

Jeter passes Ruth on all time hits list. Still Unlikely to catch Rose. --AP

Game to watch with the Nats off. Cardinals vs. Reds, Chris Carpenter vs. Mike Leake, and one of the tightest pennant races in baseball. Plus Pujols and Votto are both within striking distance of the triple crown. this is just an all around fun game to watch. However it probably requires the Extra Innings package or to watch it. The Red Sox vs. Yankees match-up is on