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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals' Adam Dunn And The Waiver Wire.'s Jon Morosi, one of many national baseball writers who thought the Washington Nationals were sure to trade their big middle-of-the-order bat before the July 31st Non-Waiver Trade Deadline, appeared on Sirius/XM's MLB Network's First Pitch with Jeff Joyce and Jeff Nelson to talk about the fact that the team who claimed Adam Dunn on waivers would be revealed this afternoon, and once again express the confusion those around the baseball world are feeling in trying to understand the Nats' motivation in deciding to hold on to Adam Dunn: 

Jon Morosi: "The deadline will be today, it's still unconfirmed as to exactly who the team was, there is plenty of speculation that it might be the Dodgers, but be that as it may, we'll find out here I believe by one o'clock if he's not traded, then we know that he won't be traded and as you pointed out then we know that the Nationals, unless they sign him to an extension which at this point seems unlikely, unless that happens, then they're going to have to just let him go for the draft picks. Which have their own expense as well, thinking that they're going to be high round picks, that will end up costing maybe a couple few millions dollars to sign, whereas they could have a couple weeks ago just traded Dunn for a couple prospects at very minimal cost. So, I mean, it would appear at this point, unless they resign him that it is a mistake, I mean it's hard to speak too soon on it, and obviously if they have a generous amount of money in their draft budget to pick guys early in the draft and sign them, then that's fine, but certainly, the near-term analysis would be that they should have just traded him a couple weeks ago when they had the chance."

Later on the show, the regular host, Rob Dibble, who's also of course the Nats tv analyst for MASN, phoned in to offer his own opinion of what the Nats should do with Dunn...

Rob Dibble on MLB Network Radio: "I did get some inside information and I know that the White Sox offered an awful lot for Adam Dunn and that deal didn't get done, so obviously, and pardon the pun, they're just, I think they're conflicted, how could you not be conflicted with a guy who's got 30 HR's and he's just unbelieveable when he does get into a ball, and the guys around him, and I watch it every day, Jeff and Jeff, that [Josh] Willingham gets a lot better pitches, [Ryan] Zimmerman gets a lot better pitches, even the number two-hole guy when [Ian] Desmond's up there and guys like that, they're getting a lot of fastballs that they probably wouldn't get if you say, well we can get to the four-hole hitter here in the first inning and pitch around that guy. It's just, he's an excellent player, he has fun in the clubhouse, I would probably compare him to like a David Wells-type player, that every day is a great day for him, he doesn't come to the ballpark in a bad mood..."

?'s For The DC Faithful: 

• Is anyone expecting the Nats to trade Dunn to the team that claimed him on waivers?

• If it is in fact the Dodgers, what would they have to give up? 

• Is there any way that Dunn got through the NL to an AL team? 

• Will you forgive Rizzo if he deals Dunn? Or are you hoping he does?