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Game 141: Whatever.



  • Like old times: John Lannan (+0.4%) goes 6.2 IP, striking out 6 (!) and walking 3.  His 3 ER allowed are too many when the Nats provide him with... no runs at all.
  • Rally attempted: Roger Bernadina (-1.8%) singles in the Nats' only run in the aeyth (+6.9%)
  • Rally slain: Mike Morse (-6.1%) pops out on the first pitch from a new pitcher to end the two-on, two-out rally in the aeyth (-9.7%).
  • Lackluster: No Nationals hitter has positive WPA on the night. Ryan Zimmerman (-0.4%) is the least bad, going 1-3 with a walk.  Danny Espinosa (-13.3%) is the worst, going 0-4 with 2 LOB.