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Game 142: More FAIL at the plate...



  • Quality: Jason Marquis (+6.4%) goes 6 IP with 8(!) strikeouts, one walk and 2 ER. Not good enough.
  • Tightrope + banana peel = ? Marquis loads the bases with no outs in the 5th and comes within one pitch of escaping the jam, with two strikeouts (+7.9% and +9.5%) before giving up a two-run single on a 3-2 count (-21.5%).
  • Not helping his side of the negotiations: Adam Dunn (-21.4%) is 0-4 with 2 Ks, 3 LOB, and a rally-killing GDP in the 7th (-9.3%).  Let's not forget the two errors, either (leading to a run and -3.6% WPA).
  • The kids are alright: Ryan Zimmerman (+8.2%) is 2-4, while Wilson Ramos (+1.5%) drills at ground-double to center for the Nats' only run (+7.0%).